Our customers have increased revenue 

by $3.5 Million per month

Enabling Operators to manage their telephone numbers, resources, and communication identifires all through a single repository.

Managing Your Number & SIM Inventory from the Cloud

A scalable and fully automated Software-as-a-Service solution that enables global mobile operators, and operators at group level, reliably and efficiently manage their telephone numbers and associated resources.

Completely secure Software as a Service Solution

Fraction of the cost of
on-premise resource management solution

Intelligent reporting, providing visualization of resource inventory

Flexible data modelling and configuration engine

Supports fixed line as well as mobile

Easy integration via REST API Gateway

Industry-leading Results


Faster Time to Market

ARPU Increased


Less User Churn

Number / Resource Assignment

Real-time, regulatory reporting with organized data views to ensure accurate forecasting and utilization 

Number Portability

Enabling efficient churn management while eliminating data discrepancies to ensure regulatory compliance

Database Consolidation

A single repository reducing hardware and 3rd party software costs

Merger and Acquisition/Convergence

Associating the same customer to multiple resource types and consolidation of network types

SIM Management

SIM vendor profile management and SIM ordering module

Digital Intelligence Equals Competitive Advantage

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