Improving New Product & Service Delivery by

up to 85%

Providing dealers with modularized tools enabling the ability to offer a truly unique subscriber experience

Operators need systems that allow their sales channels to provide:

Upselling and

Digital Customer

Targeting and

New Customer Leads

Dealer Management

Includes hierarchy and user role management, enables dealers to send instant messages to other individuals and groups, creates flexible workflows to sign up new partners

Dealer Commission

Supports a multi-channel configuration of different commission plans allowing real-time views to both operators and channels

Dealer Gamification

Drives participation, collaboration and more engagement through game mechanics such as challenges and rewards to prompt specific behavior

Mobile Point of Sale (MPoS)

Supports role-based feature enablement and additional services to assist the sales process

SIM Logistics and Distribution

Provides automated fulfillment of stock order requests from the sales channel and the ability to manage inventory logistics entirely paper-free

Industry-leading Results


Faster Time to Market

ARPU Increased


Less User Churn

Digital Sales


of telcos generate their revenue from physical channels – their own stores, via distributors or individuals

Digital Intelligence Equals Competitive Advantage

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