Evolving Systems Revolutionizes Telco Operations with Comprehensive Number Management SaaS Solution

August 18, 2023, 09:30 GMT

Responding to the industry’s need for advanced number management solutions, Evolving Systems, an industry leader in digital engagement solutions, announced the introduction of Total Number Management (TNM) Software as a Service (SaaS). TNM SaaS is designed to address the complex needs of operators and the stringent optimization protocols set forth by industry regulators. 

“Eric Hatton, COO of Evolving Systems, says, “In today’s hyper-connected digital landscape, operators grapple with the double-edged challenge of efficiently managing number resources while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our TNM SaaS is a tailored solution that addresses these hurdles and catapults operators into an era of streamlined and efficient number management.” 

TNM SaaS is a unified command center for telecom operators, providing a robust platform to manage, track, and oversee resources. Our innovative solution empowers operators, propelling operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, amalgamating network types, and fortifying data integrity. This is all part of our steadfast commitment to investing in technologies that push our customers’ businesses ahead. 

Notable Advantages of TNM SaaS:

  • Efficiency Reimagined: With a flexible and configurable environment, TNM SaaS simplifies complex operations, ensuring seamless and accurate number management. 
  • Customer Experience Elevated: Through maintaining a comprehensive and precise inventory, along with supporting number portability, TNM SaaS significantly uplifts the overall customer experience. 
  • Cost-Effective: By incorporating an open-source database and a novel micro-services architectural framework, TNM SaaS brings down the total cost of ownership, making it a highly competitive market solution. 
  • Adaptable: TNM SaaS adapts to ever-changing business landscapes and caters to all operator types, including wireless, wireline, VoIP, and cable operators.

TNM SaaS surpasses traditional number inventory solutions by offering a unique suite of business functionality and automation capabilities, a combination seldom seen in today’s market. From managing telephone numbers’ lifecycles and associated resources to supporting regulatory reporting requirements and number portability, TNM SaaS is at the cutting edge of the industry. 

TNM SaaS Highlights:

  • Engineered on a novel Micro-Services open Architecture Framework. 
  • Options for either Cloud or On-Premise Deployment. 
  • Scalability with Multi-Tenancy support (Multi-Country, Multi-Opco). 
  • Utilizes an Open Source database for a lower total cost of ownership. 
  • Adheres to TMF639 Resource Inventory Management API REST Specification.

 TNM SaaS pledges tangible business results by improving efficiency and customer experience, enhancing data integrity, and lowering capital expenditure. The solution provides a single repository supporting multiple data resources and service types while offering a complete view of network types. 

TNM SaaS stands out not only for its incredible benefits but also for its robust suite of features:

  • Number Resource Management: Manages the entire lifecycle of telephone numbers and related resources. 
  • Multi-Tenancy: Supports unified number management solutions for service providers across different countries. 
  • Reporting and Alert Management: Employs a proactive alert system for number shortages and utilization exceedances. 
  • SIM Ordering Management: Simplifies the SIM ordering process with automated interfaces and customizable order forms.

Designed for seamless integration into an operator’s environment, TNM SaaS offers multiple deployment options and multi-tenancy support. It caters to diverse business segments, including IoT Service Providers and novel communication platforms, providing enterprise users with a comprehensive Resource Management Portal.

With TNM SaaS, clients avail a subscription-based service that’s scalable, always accessible, and entails zero hardware cost. The solution also includes open integration, accompanied by an array of invaluable resources such as instructional videos, technical consultancy, technical support, service packages, user manuals, and training.

Evolving Systems’ TNM SaaS represents a trailblazing solution poised to reshape the number management sector. Its superior capabilities and unwavering dedication to enhancing the operator experience set new industry benchmarks. 

Evolving Systems invites all prospective customers to delve into TNM SaaS’s remarkable features through a Free Trial. This hands-on trial offers an opportunity to experience the solution’s extensive business functionality and automation, promising a performance that outshines current market offerings. 

Evolving Systems also presents a comprehensive demo video, guiding users through the platform’s capabilities and understanding how TNM SaaS can revolutionize their existing number management processes.

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