Consulting Services

Our global team of industry experts is highly experienced and uniquely positioned to help you design and maximize the results of your customer engagement programs.

Whether you’re just starting your path toward implementing an Innovative Digital Loyalty Program or looking to generate incremental revenue through a Data-Driven CVM Program, our industry-focused Customer Engagement Consultants stand ready to assist.

Successfully delivered ‘Ideation’ Program Design Consultancy projects to more than 50 operators

Currently running more than 25 Loyalty Programs in the global telecommunications industry

First company to conceive and enable a
win-win loyalty-partnership offering between the telecoms and cinema industries

(Orange Wednesdays, 2003)

With over three decades of practical experience, we at Engage have a suite of finely tuned frameworks to help you build your ideal loyalty program. We leverage our historical knowledge, continuous market research, and familiarity with cutting-edge technology to construct programs that perfectly fit your business model. By putting your products and services at the center and considering your market’s competitive dynamics, we help you conceive and implement loyalty programs with the right concepts, mechanics, and rewards to bring your vision to life.

Engage can design a program that meets your business needs using these three key program design pillars.

Complimentary Assessment

Embark on your loyalty program journey with our complimentary assessment. Designed to gauge your current standing and provide tailored recommendations to elevate your customer engagement strategies. Take the first step today.


Our multi-skilled team can seamlessly integrate within your working culture to help plug any potential competency gaps or work on a specific business objective for your program through any or all of the below areas, whether through a short-term or long-term engagement or a Build-Operate-Transfer model.


  • Design driven process to ideate, create concept ideas
  • Global trends to ideate innovative customized concepts & programs


  • On-going operation of loyalty, CVM programs (configuration, testing, monitoring)
  • Performance/KPI feedback
  • Process driven day-to-day operations
  • On-going operation of loyalty, CVM programs (configuration, testing, monitoring)
  • Performance/KPI feedback
  • Process driven day-to-day operations


  • Detailed design of program mechanics
  • Best-practice experience and marketing techniques
  • Customer-centric experience flow design
  • Engagement initiatives, comms strategy design


  • Segmentation, analytics
  • Customer behaviour insights into engagement
  • Robust performance measurement evaluation
  • KPI tracking/reporting
  • Segmentation, analytics
  • Customer behaviour insights into engagement
  • Robust performance measurement evaluation
  • KPI tracking/reporting


  • Design to implementation delivery oversight
  • Translating marketing requirements to feasible technical implementation
  • Configuration and launch of programs and campaigns

Satisfied Customers

We’ve worked with some of the telecommunication’s industry’s biggest brands, each in their own unique way on one or all of Loyalty, Customer Value Management, Next Best Offer and Gamification.

Consultancy Packages

Loyalty Program Consultancy Packages

Whether you are certain that your business requires a loyalty program but are unsure how to initiate it, or if you are exploring innovative enhancements to stimulate engagement and participation in your existing program, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Ideation Package

A comprehensive loyalty program design process through which we collaborate with you to create, review, iterate, and ultimately establish a new and unique loyalty concept tailored to your business needs.

Program Growth Package

Gap analysis and recommendations with the design of initiatives to help grow, revamp, or enhance an existing loyalty program.

Mechanic Design Package

A detailed specification design for a specific program mechanic based on a pre-determined program type.

Express Engagement Package

Quick to market, design, mechanics, and strategies ready. Ideal for an instant launch.

All packages come with options of a one-time project for only the program design and set-up and the possibility of ongoing engagement through program performance reviews, analysis, and optimization throughout the program’s operational phase after implementation.

Free Consultation Assessment

Initiate your loyalty program journey with our strategic quiz. Receive recommendations customized to your current loyalty strategy and business context.

Customer Value Management Consultancy Packages

These are Off-The-Shelf Packages. They are quick and fast to market, ready and proven with best practices. This package includes known and assured KPIs, built-in best practice design, simplified design and set-up process, faster time to market, optimized marketing resources with pre-packaged templates, and packaged technology.

Strategic Assessment & Design

CVM Strategy, campaign recomandation and targeting strategy

Campaign design & measurement framework

Campaign playbook for launch and development, evolution framework

Marketing (CVM) Operations

Campaign Design, campaign config (CDS), reporting, sharing best practices

Base segmentation & profiling

Mining customer’s behavior patterns and creating personalized segments

Digital Next Best Offer

Design and advice on enabling DNBO proposition