In today’s rapidly transforming telecommunication industry, flexible and seamless integration capabilities are indispensable. One solution that stands out in this landscape is Total Number Management (TNM). Developed by Evolving Systems, TNM is an agile telecom solution designed to facilitate seamless integration, streamline operations, and optimize number inventory for telecom operators. 

Understanding the Purpose of TNM

TNM is an all-inclusive telecom solution that comprehensively manages resources such as numbers, SIMs, and IMSIs. Its primary purpose is to ensure telecom operators can efficiently manage and track these resources, streamline their operations, optimize their number inventory, and comply with regulatory requirements. 

As telecom operators continue to grow, the resources they need to manage also multiply. Effectively handling these resources becomes crucial to ensure operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. TNM is a robust solution, enabling operators to manage this complexity with ease and accuracy. 

1. OSS Integration

TNM’s API Gateway is the heart of its integration capabilities. It facilitates effortless connections with other OSS systems and external partners. This feature enables telecom operators to create a unified ecosystem encompassing CRM Systems, Billing Systems, Number Portability Systems, External SIM Manufacturers, and Provisioning Systems. 

Number Portability Integration: TNM has interfaces that handle and request specific number portability actions. It can manage to port within an operator, disconnect number requests, and even take the completion of port-in requests and disconnects of ported-out numbers. 

Activation System Integration: TNM also serves network element activation and provisioning, accommodating new end-user activation and providing support for terminating services. 


TNM’s prowess also extends to its broad range of comprehensive REST APIs. These APIs expose TNM’s inventory management and assignment logic, handling various related requests and responses.

The platform validates every incoming call from an external system, returning a synchronous response indicating the validity of the request. Additionally, TNM provides APIs that integrate with number portability applications, facilitating various porting processes. 

3. TNM and TMF API Support

In addition to its robust APIs, TNM aligns with the TMF639 Resource Inventory Management REST API, adhering to international telecom standards. This compatibility ensures TNM can seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of existing systems. 

TNM as a SaaS Platform

Functioning as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, TNM extends its benefits beyond seamless integration. Telecom operators can leverage TNM to reduce overhead costs, stay updated with the latest software enhancements without incurring extra charges, and adjust their operations according to their evolving business needs.

TNM’s SaaS model offers a future-proof solution for managing telecom operations. It provides an optimized, scalable platform that grows with the evolving needs of the operator, ultimately ensuring a seamless user experience for end-users.

In conclusion, with its advanced integration capabilities, robust API suite, and SaaS advantages, TNM is an all-encompassing solution to address the complex needs of modern telecom operators. As the telecom industry continues to advance, TNM is committed to providing operators with efficient and practical tools to manage and optimize their number inventory, facilitating operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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