Enabling Customer Engagement
That Cuts Through The Noise

Evolution propels businesses to new heights with
data-driven customer engagement, loyalty programs,
and revenue optimization.

Enabling Customer Engagement
That Cuts Through The Noise

Evolution propels businesses to new heights with
data-driven customer engagement, loyalty programs,
and revenue optimization.

Revitalize Customer Engagement
with Evolution

Evolution, a next-generation customer engagement platform, is where customer Value Management, Loyalty Rewards Programs, and the tactical “Gamification” of products and services converge. Delve into a dynamic landscape where intelligent customer engagement, actionable insights, partner offers, and an always-on, omnichannel approach can invigorate customer relationships and fuel revenue growth.

Evolution Features and Technological Leap

Versatile Technology: Evolution serves as a game-changer in customer engagement platforms. Powered by Apache Kafka and Elastic Search, our platform offers three pivotal marketing automation capabilities, tailoring specifically for industries that derive revenue from subscriptions and manage substantial transactional consumer data.

SaaS & On-Premise Options: Evolution exemplifies flexibility with hosted SaaS and on-premise solutions, seamlessly harmonizing with any digital business system environment. This adaptability enables integrations with various source systems, ushering in a new era of unified services across sectors like Mobile, Fixed, TV, Mobile Wallet, and beyond.

Multi-Tenant Structure: Evolution’s adaptability gets further amplified with a multi-tenant structure and hierarchical identifiers. These facets unlock multiple revenue generation streams as part of a comprehensive business model, offering opportunities for upselling, cross-selling products and services and fostering a dynamic two-sided partner ecosystem business model.

True Technological Evolution: Evolution embodies a significant technological advancement, reinventing how businesses interact with customers. Our platform shapes the future of customer value management and loyalty rewards programs. Harness the power of Evolution for your business today and drive exceptional customer engagement.

Omni-channel Integration: Seamlessly integrate multiple inbound and outbound channels with Evolution’s notification manager and REST API for a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Functionally Rich Universe of Use Cases

From loyalty programs like Badges, Missions, Challenges, and Coalition Partner Marketplace, to Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) features like real-time campaigns and conversational marketing, Evolution caters to a wide array of use cases. It also offers gamification tools for referrals, acquisitions, and more.

Supercharge Customer Value Management

With Evolution, marketing teams can handle vast volumes of customer data, create dimensional customer segments, manage universal control groups and other inclusion/exclusion lists, and automate hundreds of workflows. Evolution’s customer value management features enable better campaign prioritization and offer selection, improving overall customer engagement.

Boost Marketing Efforts with Gamified Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Evolution’s robust gamified loyalty and rewards program allows marketing teams to ingest customer data from multiple sources, enrich the customer view with real-time metrics, generate real-time triggers, and manage multiple wallets for different purposes. They can also define tier movement thresholds, configure offers catalogs, and create program workflows and campaigns across various channels.

High Performance, Reduced Cost

Leveraging our 30+ years of expertise in developing Campaigns, CVM, and Loyalty systems, Evolution offers a state-of-the-art solution. We optimize performance and minimize costs with the latest technologies, giving your customer engagement strategies an evolutionary edge.

30,000 TPS
Per engine server

Immense data processing speeds

$ 0
3rd party cost

Uses Opensource technologies

Scale to ∞
Micro-service architecture

With x-node load-balancing

Maximizing Potential with Evolution: Gamified Loyalty, Rewards Programs,
and Customer Value Management

Unleash the power of Evolution for your gamified loyalty and rewards programs and customer value management. Here’s how:

Revolutionize Data Management

Harness the potential of high-volume data ingestion and streaming from multiple sources with Evolution. Gain a robust 360-degree view of your customers, enriched with real-time metrics for enhanced insights.

Versatile Program Design

Design a range of loyalty programs linked to wallets with Evolution. Cater to the dynamic needs of your customers with flexibility and ease.

Automated Workflow Management

Automate and manage multiple concurrent workflows, directing customer journeys through different stages of your engagement process.

Optimized Real-Time Offer Selection

Utilize our scoring engine to rank and select the best offers for individual customers on demand.

Responsive Real-Time Triggers

Engage in real-time program workflows and campaigns. Streamline your customer engagement process with automated triggers and responses for on-the-go interaction.

Flexible Offer Catalogue

Create an extensive catalog of offers with configurable eligibility rules, stock management, and easily displayable URLs.

Advanced Control Group Management

Boost your campaign efficiency with automated prioritization, concurrency limitations, and contact policies.

Personalized Challenges and Badges

Design engaging, multi-step missions displayed as personalized challenges or badges to gamify customer engagement.

Efficient Wallet Management

Seamlessly manage multiple wallets serving varied purposes, from points and scores to cashback, tokens, and vouchers. Customize your offerings to align with the unique preferences of your audience.

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Leverage rules-based segmentation to generate targeted customer lists for tailored campaigns. Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Automated Campaign Management

Enhance your campaign efficiency with automated prioritization, concurrency limitations, and contact policies.

Integrated Voucher Management

Evolution enables you to configure a diverse catalog of Telco product offers with variable volume, validity, and pricing, bundled with vouchers for physical merchandise or partner products and services. This versatility in vouchers further incentivizes customer engagement and boosts loyalty.

With Evolution, create a dynamic, engaging, and rewarding customer experience while maximizing your business potential.

Evolution is your comprehensive solution to power gamified loyalty and rewards programs and customer value management. Transform your customer engagement strategies into strategic growth drivers with Evolution.

Ready to Game Up Your Engagement Strategy?

Dive into the world of Game Manager and unlock a whole new level of user interaction. Let’s redefine customer engagement together.

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