ESG Policy

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Policy Framework

As a leading telecom software solutions company, Evolving Systems, is committed to positively impact the environment, our customers, employees, and the community at large. Our core values have guided our ESG practices, which seek to drive growth and empower communities through responsible sustainable business practices and operations.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are key pillars shaping the telecommunication industry today. Many of Evolving Systems’ customers are driving transformative change on the technology landscape such as 5G, FTTH, IoT as well as towards uplifting society and communities by enabling and accelerating digital adoption and service.

Our ESG policies centres on customer success, eco-friendly practices, employee commitment and diversity. As an organization, we aim to align our ESG approach with our strategic goals and the experience we seek to offer all our stakeholders (Shareholders, Employees, Partners, Customers, and Society).


ESG is one of the pillars of the Evolving Systems’ approach to operating its business safely and responsibly. Respecting environmental, health, safety, labour, social, corporate governance, and business integrity concerns, is crucial to the delivery of strong returns to our shareholders and making a positive contribution to the communities around our operations.

Changes to the Industry and technology trends have intensified our focus and commitment. This document describes the policies and approach which serve as a framework to understand and manage our environmental, social and governance initiatives and adoption.

Evolving Systems ESG policy framework is aligned towards SASB ‘s (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Standards Industry for Software & Information Technology Services industry.

The industry KPIs are organised into six categories:


Driving Innovation to empower our customers and employees to make impactful changes to their environment and society.

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Increase understanding of and commitment to the concept of sustainability within Evolving Systems
  • Outline our commitment to incorporating ESG considerations throughout our business
  • Drive innovation, develop and incorporate sustainable practices across products and services
  • Apply a consistent approach to adopting sustainability across the organisation.
  • Implement a systematic approach to identify, assess, and respond to sustainability-related risks in business operations.
  • Implement, track and communicate consistently of Evolving Systems KPI achievement in sustainability.


  • To contribute towards sustainable development that brings positive impact environmental & society.
  • To encourage an environmentally conscious workplace, by minimising waste, recycling and re-using as much as possible, conserving energy and encouraging employees to use sustainable methods of transportation.
  • Innovation as centrepiece to drive sustainable products and services that help our customers & partners in their ESG initiatives.


  • Trustworthy – We treat our customers, partners, suppliers and employees with honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect. It creates the mutual trust necessary for delivering superior products and services.
  • Innovation – We stive to be efficient, competitive, and agile to deliver value through innovation and simplicity. We aim to help our customers in their transformative digital sustainability journey. We are an integral part of their progress.


  • To work against discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, skin colour, language, religion, age, disability, political opinions, national or social origins.
  • To offer a conducive and collaborative working environment that is based on mutual respects and adheres to local laws.


  • To have a robust internal system against corruption, based on transparency and verifiability.
  • To uphold the privacy of our customers, customer’s end users and employees. Evolving Systems shall always comply with the data protection laws of the countries in which it operates.

ESG Policy FRAMEWORK – Evolving Systems Approach



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