Voucher Order
Management System

Streamlining and Securing Voucher Management

Voucher Order Management System

Voucher Order Management System (VOMS) features a powerful, high-performance voucher generation solution which can create large amounts of vouchers in a short period of time. During voucher generation, a random function allocates a secret number to each voucher serial number.

The list of vouchers is then encrypted in a file to be sent to the card producer, in the case of physical vouchers, or directly to the distributor, for electronic vouchers. The secret number is also encrypted using a one-way algorithm before it is stored in the database. This ensures the highest level of security with regards to secret numbers, as they cannot be retrieved by anyone.

Other than monetary values, vouchers can be attached to products, services, content or a combination as defined in a catalog.

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of telcos generate their revenue from physical channels – their own stores, via distributors or individuals

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