Enhance Your Voucher System with Advanced
E-Reload and Management Solutions

Enhance Your Voucher System with Advanced
E-Reload and Management Solutions

Unlock the potential of voucher systems in the digital era with our
Voucher Order Management System (VOMs).

Effective voucher management is essential for customer engagement and business development in today’s digital landscape. Our Voucher Order Management System (VOMs) provides solutions for generating and validating top-up vouchers, both physical and electronic, designed to meet your business needs.

Efficient Voucher Generation and Security

Our VOMs platform includes a voucher generation feature capable of efficiently producing a substantial volume of vouchers. It assigns a unique secret number to each voucher serial number during the generation phase.

The voucher list is encrypted and sent securely to the card producer for physical vouchers or directly to the distributor for electronic vouchers. The secret numbers are encrypted with a one-way algorithm and stored in the database to maintain the integrity of the vouchers.

In addition to monetary value, vouchers can represent a range of products, services, and content as specified in a catalog.

VOMs: Diverse Functionalities

1.Monetary Voucher Management: The platform is designed for monetary voucher management, including generation, validation, and utilization, while ensuring secure communication with printers or electronic distributors.

2.Dynamic Activation: The system can handle PIN and PIN-less activation of packaged services such as voice, SMS, and data packages.

3.Credit Transfer Platform (Peer-to-Peer): This application facilitates credit transfers between subscribers and includes features for emergency top-ups and automated reloads.

4.Distributed Credit Transfer Model: It allows credit transfer operations to dealers and retailers across different distribution levels, including integration with mobile wallets and commission calculation.

Features of Our VOMs Platform

  • Voucher Activation: Provides direct or choice-based activation methods integrated with your product lineup.
  • Voucher Management: Offers tools to manage voucher generation to payload delivery via an Enterprise Web GUI.
  • Distribution Channels: Includes distribution through operator stores, online platforms, and various electronic payment methods.
  • Reload Applications: The platform is equipped to manage monetary vouchers, including secure communication with associated hardware.
  • Fraud Management: Comes with tools designed to protect against security threats within the VOMs platform.
  • Bundle Activation: Supports activation of voice, SMS, and data bundles with detailed activation policies and notifications.
  • Credit Transfers: Simplifies credit transfers and provides customized top-up services for subscribers.

Tailored Solutions to Match Business Requirements

Our VOMs platform is equipped to support a variety of business scenarios, from telecommunications bundles to diverse service offers and product partnerships.

Advantages of Our VOMs Platform

1.Efficiency: Our platform is designed to streamline your voucher management operations.

2.Adaptability: The system can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

3.Protection: The platform includes security measures aimed at protecting your transactions.

4.Customer Experience: It is developed to offer reliable voucher management that can enhance user experience.

Upgrade Your Voucher Management Capabilities

Take a step towards enhancing your business operations with our VOMs platform. Contact us to explore how our customizable solutions can support your business.

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