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A 35+ year track record of delivering innovation within the Telecoms Sector
across every corner of the globe to operators ranging from Tier-1 to boutique.

Gamified Lending

Empowering Prepaid Credit Lending Through Engaging,
Reward-based Approaches.

Smart Dealer

Enabling the Mobile Sales Channel through Digitalization and Automation.

Consulting Services

Our global team of industry experts is highly experienced and uniquely positioned
to help you design and maximize the results of your customer engagement programs.


Evolution CVM Packages

Drive growth and customer engagement with Evolution’s comprehensive Customer Value Management (CVM) packages. 

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Total Number Management

Experience a breakthrough in managing telephone numbers and (e)SIM lifecycles with TNM.

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Evolution propels businesses to new heights with data-driven customer engagement, loyalty programs, and revenue optimization.

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How We Increase Revenue for
Mobile Operators

Evolving Systems Revolutionizes Telco Operations with Comprehensive Number Management SaaS Solution

Responding to the industry’s need for advanced number management solutions, Evolving Systems, an industry leader in digital engagement solutions, announced the introduction of Total Number Management (TNM) Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Powered by Game-changing AI

Create Enriched Customer Experiences with Tailored AI-driven Decisioning


Faster Time to Market


More Customer Engagement


Average Increased Revenue per User


Greater User Retention


More Increase in User Upgrades


Less User Churn


Return on Investment

Innovation in Loyalty and Customer Experience at Orange Belgium

Unveil the innovative journey of Orange Belgium’s loyalty program, “Orange Thank You,” celebrated for its groundbreaking approach to customer experience and digital engagement. Delve into how this initiative, in partnership with Evolving Systems, transformed customer perceptions by shifting from transactional interactions to emotional connections, significantly enhancing loyalty and market position. 

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