Tertio: Elevating Your
Service Activation Experience

Tertio is an advanced and stable wireless service
activation solution used by 50+ operators worldwide. 

Tertio: Elevating Your
Service Activation Experience

Tertio is an advanced and stable wireless service
activation solution used by 50+ operators worldwide. 

Pioneering Wireless Service Activation with Tertio

Tertio is an advanced and stable wireless service activation solution used by 50+ operators worldwide. We are committed to making integrating and managing new services seamless. Our product aligns with TM Forum programs and integration standards, enabling carriers to gain control over their activation solutions effectively.

Tertio provides multi-domain, multi-device, multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-pay, and multi-service capabilities, making it a one-stop solution for all your service activation needs.

Amplifying Business Value with Tertio

Ranked as a frontrunner in essential activation functions, Tertio is committed to enabling carriers to streamline the rollout of new services and technologies. Our strategic positioning supports Next Generation Network (NGN) service layers, convergence, triple play, and quadruple play.

Tertio paves the way for businesses to launch profitable services like personalized, integrated solutions that boost customer loyalty, ARPU, and usage. We concentrate on multimedia services, amalgamating rich content, music, entertainment, gaming, and messaging. Our effortless integration with content aggregators and partners enhances customer experience and activation processes across diverse network elements. With Tertio, carriers can enjoy affordable growth by scaling systems to match growing subscriber numbers and order volumes while lowering error rates for enhanced performance.

Why Choose Tertio?

Tertio packs numerous benefits to guarantee operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership:

  1. Graphical Development Tools: Streamline services and workflow processes for provisioning requests, reducing development, operation, and training costs. 
  1. Flexible Integration: Seamlessly integrate with external systems using our extensive library of 250+ interface agents or our user-friendly Software Development Toolkit (SDK)
  1. Rapid Development of New Interfaces: Deploy new services and technologies within aggressive timelines with our Open RESTful Web Services API. 
  1. Domain and Vendor Independence: Enjoy a flexible cross-domain solution supporting any service, technology, and vendor for system consolidation. 
  1. Operational Efficiency: Experience smooth operations with our advanced management of request queues, priorities, exceptions, and automated error handling. 
  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Utilize support for standard commercial IT platforms and full support for virtualization to minimize hardware configuration and support for open-source software OS, Java, and databases.

Tertio Solution Capabilities:
Delivering Superior Performance

Engineered for each stage of your service delivery process, Tertio is your go-to solution from service assembly and activation to lifecycle management. Our service verification capability ensures customer satisfaction, service usage, and revenue.

At the same time, our Task Execution and Lifecycle Management offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities across the whole service lifecycle. Through a real-time web dashboard, Tertio’s Monitoring and Reporting feature provides instant insight into system performance.

Tertio: Your Reliable Provisioning Platform

  • Robust, high-performance, and reliable platform
  • Ensures real-time reporting, rapid deployment, and integration with 250+ interfaces
  • Supports RedHat 7.x 64 bit, OpenJDK, and PostgreSQL 10, minimizing third-party software costs

Tertio Platform: Meeting Diverse Needs

As a subscriber-centric service management software, Tertio meets the needs of wireless, wireline, VoIP, broadband, and cable service providers. Our model-driven flow-through approach ensures complete configuration support. With a “no coding” approach to integration, Tertio drives correction processes to rectify inconsistencies, delivering a seamless and efficient service activation experience.

Experience the Tertio difference today, your reliable partner in service activation solutions.

Book a Free Consultation Below and find out if Tertio Service Activation is right for you.

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