Boost your customer engagement with interactive games, seamlessly integrated with

What’s Game Manager?

Game Manager is an innovative SaaS add-on product brought to you by Evolving Systems. With Game Manager, you can swiftly design, configure, and launch HTML5 Mini Games & Reveal Mechanics tailored to your brand and promotional events. Not just that, we provide optional marketing services to elevate your user engagement strategy even further.

Integration with

  1. Engagement Core: Evolution is your premier Customer Engagement Platform, utilizing data from diverse sources and enabling simple configuration of wallets, programs, products, offers, vouchers, workflows and prize distribution algorithms associated with your mini games.
  2. Secure Architecture: The public-internet-published front-end of the games is separated from the highly secure back-end business rules on customer data in Evolution. The two are seamlessly connected thanks to our Mobile Application Gateway.
  3. Game Manager’s Edge: The connection of promotional mini-games to the powerful customer engagement platform enables a new level of personalization to be brought to the customer experience. Different customers can see different incentives and prizes that match with their preferences, value, and tenure levels.

Game Manager Features

  • Quick Setup: 1-click link to a configured Presentation Strategy in Evolution.
  • Cloud Power: Scalable and multi-tenant deployment have as many game instances as you need published concurrently.
  • Customizable Game Screens: Access our white-label games and tailor their design elements to your seasonal or promotional marketing events and brand. Adjust background images and animations, fonts and colors as well as create settings for timers and score levels as required

How a ‘Gamified’ proposition is built

What Sets Us Apart?

While several B2B solutions might offer cloud-based game access and customization services, our unique selling proposition lies in the deep-rooted integration of our games with Evolution. This ensures unparalleled personalization,  offer and reward stock and distribution management, eligibility checks, and more, giving your promotion an edge in the competitive digital landscape.


Ready to Game Up Your Engagement Strategy?

Dive into the world of Game Manager and unlock a whole new level of user interaction. Let’s redefine customer engagement together.

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