As telecom operators grapple with the escalating demands of our increasingly connected digital world, the complexities of managing number inventory rise. From ensuring regulatory compliance to optimizing number resource allocation, operators need comprehensive solutions that streamline processes and improve efficiency. Evolving Systems’ Total Number Management (TNM) is one such solution.

Developed with the operator’s diverse needs in mind, TNM is a comprehensive number management solution that caters to the multifaceted business requirements of operators while adhering to the number resource optimization regulations. TNM is designed for all operators – wireless, wireline, VoIP, cable, and more. TNM champions the cause of efficiency and accuracy in number management by embracing flexibility and adaptability in its core design.

Unlike its counterparts, TNM transcends the boundaries of conventional number inventory solutions, featuring an impressive array of business functionality and automation. It’s time to uncover how TNM can smooth the road to number inventory management:

1. Efficient Inventory Management: TNM revolutionizes inventory management by automating various tasks, offering operators real-time insights into their entire inventory. As the single point of truth for number inventory, TNM minimizes the costs and effort of managing number resources, paving the way for efficient utilization of telephone numbers and associated resources.

2. Quick and Accurate Reporting: TNM takes the grind out of regulatory-mandated reports and forecasting, automating these processes to generate detailed, accurate reports in minutes. The time saved can then be diverted toward enhancing operational productivity.

3. Seamless Integration: TNM provides REST APIs and conforms to TMF639 Resource Inventory Management API.

4. Flexible Data Model: TNM’s highly adaptable application data model can be configured to align with the unique business needs of operators, letting them organize data on different hierarchy levels, such as telephone number types, geographical regions, services, and more.

5. Dependable Utilization Reports: TNM bolsters the confidence of number administrators in their inventory accuracy. With TNM, efficient number utilization, accurate data, and prompt forecasting have become the norm.

6. Resource Management: TNM administers other subscriber resources besides telephone numbers, including SIM data and IMSIs. This ability to manage associated resources extends TNM’s capability and ensures a robust solution.

7. Advanced Rule Application: TNM includes extensive inbuilt logic for formulating specialized rules for processing the lifecycle of telephone numbers, managing non-standard situations, and automating manual tasks to minimize unforeseen challenges.

8. Performance and Scalability: TNM is designed to scale as needed, capable of incorporating additional hardware to maintain the performance levels demanded by the largest operators.

9. Simplified SIM Ordering: TNM streamlines SIM ordering workflows, ensuring accuracy and preventing duplicate orders. It can even be set to alert when SIM stocks are low, further enhancing inventory management.

10. Mobile Number Portability: TNM’s design facilitates integration with various number portability products and interfaces. This capability ensures appropriate status changes for numbers involved in portability processes, such as port-ins, port-outs, and disconnections. 

To know more about TNM, watch the product demo:

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Experiencing TNM as a SaaS Solution

Embracing the SaaS model, TNM brings numerous benefits. Its flexibility allows operators to adapt the system to their unique requirements, and its scalability ensures the solution grows alongside the operator’s business. The cloud-based nature of the platform significantly cuts upfront costs and eliminates maintenance issues associated with traditional software. Regular updates and seamless enhancement rollouts ensure users always have the latest version.

In conclusion, Total Number Management is an all-encompassing solution for telecom operators navigating the intricate maze of number inventory management. It offers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and a host of features, positioning it as the tool of choice for the industry.

Discover the full potential of TNM SaaS by availing of our Free Trial today. Step into the future of number inventory management and let TNM revolutionize your operations with a hands-on experience far exceeding the current market’s offerings. There’s never been a better time to optimize your number management processes. Your next level of operational efficiency awaits:

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