Dynamic SIM Allocation

Empower Wireless Operators with Efficient SIM Distribution
and Eliminate Retailer and Subscriber Self-Service Cost.

Dynamic SIM Allocation

Empower Wireless Operators with Efficient SIM Distribution
and Eliminate Retailer and Subscriber Self-Service Cost.

The Smarter Choice for Real-time SIM Card Activation

Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) is the game-changer that propels operators beyond traditional price wars and into sustainable growth. With DSA, operators carve out a niche by offering unparalleled choice and personalization, driving a competitive advantage that sets them apart.

Dynamic Choices & Personalization
for Every User

Immediate Customization: From the moment of interaction, customize every aspect of your device experience, either directly on your device or through a digital portal.

Language & Product Selection: Choose your preferred language, select from varied product packages and tariffs, and decide between prepaid or contract options.

Personalized Number & Promotions: Opt for a unique number, including vanity-number searches, and avail of targeted, relevant promotions for enhanced value.

The best part? This experience is dynamic. It evolves based on user preferences, device type, and location, ensuring continued relevance throughout the device’s life.

DSA: Transforming Connectivity with
Advanced Use Cases

5G Activation Made Simple with DSA
  • Enhanced Security & Efficiency: DSA introduces a transformative approach to 5G activation. With the implementation of SUCI (Subscription Concealed Identifier), DSA enhances SIM security by encrypting IMSI MSIN. This pivotal change ensures a robust and secure network attachment process for 5G users.
  • DSA UDR & Routing Indicator: Seamlessly integrated with 5G Core Network Elements, DSA utilizes UDR (Unified Data Repository) and an unencrypted routing indicator in SUCI for efficient network routing.
  • Benefits:
  • Seamless 5G Transition: Ensures a smooth initial network attach, triggering full activation during the first use.
  • Cost-effective Network Efficiency: Optimizes network resources, enhancing user activation experience in 5G environments.
Revolutionizing 5G IoT Activation
  • Multi-Technology Support: DSA extends its capabilities to encompass 5G, NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT), and LTE-M technologies, making it a versatile solution for IoT connectivity.
  • Enhanced LTE FUR: DSA’s LTE FUR supports various Radio Access Technologies (RAT) types, enabling precise identification of device attachments and differentiation between 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, and 5G.
  • Benefits: Service Differentiation: Enables service providers to identify and provision specific services efficiently at the first use, leading to significant cost savings.
Streamlining 5G SIM Swap with DSA
  • Intelligent Swap Engine: This feature applies meticulous validation checks for diverse scenarios such as SIM upgrades, lost or stolen SIM, mobile porting (MNP), and eSIM upgrades across various channels, including mobile apps, web, and SMS.
  • Robust Validation Techniques: Includes OTP and IMEI validation, eKYC, location comparison, on-net checks, email validation, and additional security queries.
  • Benefits:
  • Reduced Fraud Risks: The intelligent swap engine and flexible rules matrix significantly mitigate potential fraud scenarios.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Streamlines the SIM swap process, making it more user-friendly and secure.

DSA: Optimized for the Future

By adopting these DSA use cases, telecom operators can stay at the forefront of technology, offering their customers enhanced security, seamless 5G integration, and innovative IoT services. This strategic approach improves user experience and streamlines operational efficiencies, setting new standards in the dynamic world of telecommunications.

The Operator’s Competitive Edge with DSA

Differentiation through Choice: Attract and retain customers by offering unparalleled customization based on individual needs.

Broadened Market Channels: Promote any product, voice, or data across retail or independent channels.

Actionable Insights: Use direct user feedback to refine product and promotional strategies.

Minimized Customer Churn: Engage users with continuous personalization options, boosting loyalty.

Optimized Efficiency: From cost-effective resource allocation to simplified SIM distribution and versatile SIM types, DSA redefines efficiency.

Unified User Experience: Deliver a consistent, hassle-free activation experience across all sales channels with a single DSA Application System.

Embrace the future with Dynamic SIM Allocation

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