Maximize Customer Value with

We redefine customer engagement through our
Customer Value Management (CVM) 

Maximize Customer Value with

We redefine customer engagement through our
Customer Value Management (CVM) 

Strategic Touchpoint Optimization: 

Aligning Actions with Objectives and KPIs

Nursery Program: Cultivating Customer Relationships

Our Nursery Program focuses on a welcoming and educational approach to customer onboarding. We ensure smooth integration into our services, stimulate usage and promote word-of-mouth. This program is designed to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), reduce churn, and eliminate inactive users.

Active Base Management: Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Through our Active Base Management, we upscale customer experiences by offering rewards, enriching insights, and steering usage behavior. We aim to drive customer value and loyalty, increase ARPU and customer advocacy, and minimize churn.

Risk Management: Securing Customer Retention

Our Risk Management strategies involve reactivating inactive customers and combating churn through attractive offers. We aim to retain customers and remove unprofitable segments efficiently.

Last Chance Recovery: Winning Back Customers

The Last Chance initiative is our final effort to re-engage customers before deactivation. We analyze churn patterns and reasons to recover and retain customers.

Customer Value Management Solutions With Advanced Analytic Models

Transform Customer Interactions, Maximize Revenue, Reduce Churn

Automated Customer Treatments: Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Our automated treatments across the customer lifecycle include welcoming, nurturing, development, prevention, and retention stages, each with specific objectives to enhance customer engagement and value perception.

Addressing Business Opportunities and Risks

Evolution tackles key strategic issues at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to retention. We offer smart solutions like Welcome & Educate programs, incentives for higher-value transactions, digital content monetization, and strategies for winning back dormant customers.

Activating Key Moments of Truth: Transforming Customer Interactions into Opportunities

Evolution acts on critical customer engagement points, ensuring optimal response to low-balance alerts, bundle purchases, and other critical moments in the customer journey.

Evolution Approach to Moments of Truth

Identification of Critical Touchpoints

  • Analysis and Recognition: We meticulously analyze customer interactions to identify the most impactful Moments of Truth.
  • Customer Insights: Leveraging data, we gain deep insights into customer needs and expectations at these critical junctures.

Customized Engagement Strategies

  • Personalized Experiences: Tailoring responses to fit individual customer profiles, ensuring each interaction is relevant and engaging.
  • Proactive Interaction: Anticipating and proactively addressing customer needs, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated Responses for Scalability

  • Technology-Driven Solutions: Utilizing advanced technology to automate responses, ensuring timely and efficient engagement.
  • Consistency Across Channels: Maintaining a uniform voice and experience across all customer touchpoints.

Real-Time Adaptation and Optimization

  • Dynamic Adjustment: Continuously refining strategies based on real-time feedback and evolving customer behavior.
  • Performance Measurement: Tracking the effectiveness of each Moment of Truth activation to refine tactics and improve outcomes.

Best Practice CVM Measurement

Our advanced ‘DnA’ service provides comprehensive campaign impact measurement across multiple business KPIs, including overall revenue, service-specific usage, and more, ensuring you stay ahead in customer value management.

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