Gamified Lending

Empowering Prepaid Credit Lending Through Engaging,
Reward-based Approaches 

Gamified Lending

Empowering Prepaid Credit Lending Through Engaging,
Reward-based Approaches

From Emergency Aid to Convenient Tools 

Prepaid credit lending serves as crucial support for customers in need. Despite this, current restrictions on loan eligibility and recovery often limit the full potential of this service. We aim to transform this by shifting the paradigm from emergency use to everyday convenience, thus boosting customer participation and operator revenue.

Harness the Power of Evolution

With our groundbreaking Customer Engagement Platform – Evolution, we’re innovating the world of credit advance through ‘Gamification.’ This immersive strategy employs the credit scoring features of our platform, paving the way for customers to unlock higher loan values and bonus rewards. The control lies in the customer’s hands.

Revitalizing Loan Eligibility

We employ a gamified layer of points, stars, meters, and tiers, allowing customers to upgrade their eligibility based on prompt loan repayments. The faster the repayment, the more stars earned, opening doors to higher loans and exclusive rewards.

The Impact of Gamification

With the integration of gamification, we’ve seen a 1.7x boost in user enjoyment and an over 30% increase in engagement rates. These improvements significantly decrease the bad-debt rate and a 10% augmentation in ARPU, proving the effectiveness of interactive and playful elements in driving customer engagement.

Discover the features of our Gamified Lending system

Optimized Customer Outreach

Proactive lending complemented by personalized outbound communications offering loans to eligible customers.

Personalized Reward Catalog

Different rewards catered to unique customers, times, and interactions.

Tier-Based Lending

Higher-tier customers enjoy the advantage of borrowing more based on their repayment history.

Targeted Campaigns

Curated campaigns for customers eligible for loans.

Reward Repayments

Earn points, climb the ranks, and win prizes for timely repayments.

Interactive Gamification

Elevate customer engagement and promote repeat usage with captivating gamified elements.

Flexible Lending

Opt to borrow promotional items, data, or SMS and pay back with the next promo.

Customizable Repayment Fees

Enjoy lower interest rates with higher tiers.

Integrated Platforms

Effortlessly access loans through our self-care app, SMSC, and USSD.

Evolution: The Next Generation Customer
Engagement Platform

Evolution is our powerful Customer Engagement software platform. Built using the latest technologies, Evolution has been designed specifically to capture your customer data from multiple sources, build a 360° profile of your customers and integrate with your communication and provisioning channels, providing your Marketing, Retention and CVM teams with an intuitive user interface.

Evolution User Interface 

Our intuitive visual design studio facilitates creating and modifying your loan journeys. Additional nodes (Target, Condition, Action, Dialogue, NextBestOffer) can be incorporated as required.

Key Functionalities

Our platform offers comprehensive features such as loan offer and enrollment channels, customer segmentation, proactive campaigns, customer validation, various loan offer types, and gamification, ensuring a fulfilling user experience at all times. 

The platform also supports credit recovery, tier-based loan service fees, rewards, points, open API for real-time integration supporting Kafka streaming and REST API, and customer care.  

In-depth reports tracking loan usage, total loans, payments, outstanding and bad debt, and system performance are also available, facilitating predictive analytics.

Experience the power of gamified lending with Evolving Systems. Discover the transformative potential of gamification on customer engagement and revenue generation. Go beyond traditional loan services and offer an enriching experience. Let’s turn emergency lending into an engaging, rewarding, and convenient service. Let the games begin!

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Gamified Lend

Prepaid credit lending has been a popular Value-Added Service for many years, but it doesn’t get the engagement from customers that it deserves. Many mobile operators offer their qualifying customers the ability to borrow an amount of upfront airtime in emergency situations.

Reimagining Credit Lending:

Evolving Systems Launches Gamified Approach Evolving Systems, a leading provider of telecommunications transformation solutions, has announced Gamified Lending, powered by Evolution Digital Engagement platform.

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