Your Gateway to Advanced Mediation for Service Convergence


Your Gateway to Advanced Mediation for Service Convergence

Integrating Telecom Services with Evident’s Convergent Mediation System

Evident’s convergent mediation system integrates multiple telecommunication technologies, including GSM, GPRS, 4G, LTE, 5G, IP, broadband, and circuit switch technologies. It provides a unified view of service usage, suitable for operators managing diverse networks, mainly post-mergers or acquisitions.

Flexible Billing Modules with Evident

Evident’s system facilitates end-to-end batch and event processing, allowing for customization in billing to meet varied service and business requirements. The system supports a range of billing models, such as time and bandwidth usage, flat fees, content value, quality of service, and revenue sharing

Operator Benefits: Addressing Service Lifecycle Stages

Evident offers features that address various stages of the service lifecycle. These include:

  • Service, charging, and partner integration concepts.
  • Solution design around a single, consolidated mediation platform.
  • Open integration with change management for deployment.
  • An operations and administration interface for distributed mediation.
  • Support for revenue assurance and business intelligence.

Why Choose Evident?

  • Multi-Technology Integration: Seamlessly converge various telecom technologies into a single platform.
  • Flexible Billing Solutions: Adapt to any billing model with our versatile system.
  • Enhanced Service Efficiency: Innovate and streamline processes at every service lifecycle stage.
  • Rapid Deployment: Benefit from our open integration and change management support.
  • Comprehensive Management: Enjoy a unified operations interface for all your mediation needs.

Evident offers a system for integrating and managing telecommunication services, focusing on
service convergence.

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