Business Intelligence

& Revenue Assurance

End-to-end batch and event processing within a single product reducing cost and impact of integrating with new networks or business systems

Trusted by Network Operator Groups Around the World

Proven Convergent Mediation

Industry-leading Results


Faster Time to Market

ARPU Increased


Less User Churn

Any Network, any Service

Reusable portfolio of integration modules and core support for event streaming, file management, and remote IP monitoring

Adaptable to customer requirements

Whole configurable binary and text data formats with feature-rich business rules

The Role of Mediation

The right next-generation mediation system provides sophisticated support across different stages of the service lifecycle 

Helping Operators Address the Challenges of:

Creating Service Concepts

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Systems management integration and data throughout audit and statistics

Minimize Operations Costs

Client-server, web-enabled GUI with role-based user access

Digital Intelligence Equals Competitive Advantage

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