Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Total Number Management: Reliably and efficiently manage numbers and related resources

Total Number Management (TNM) is a scalable and fully automated system that enables operators to reliably and efficiently manage their telephone numbers (MSISDNs) and associated resources (i.e. SIMs, IMSIs, ICCIDs) as well as other communication identifiers such as URLs and email addresses, all through a single data repository.

Evolving Systems' TNM solution can help improve and grow your business by:

  • MSISDN Reduction Savings from Volume Reduction - Effectively managing the lifecycle of telephone numbers is a crucial, competitive and regulatory requirement for operators. Subscriber to MSISDN ratios of 1:5 and 1:10 are not uncommon and translate to a very large pool of unused numbers and corresponding fees.
  • MSISDN Reduction Savings from Reporting Reduction - While unused numbers could imply significant annual fees for MSISDN in some markets, the cost to simply comply with regulatory reporting requirements is onerous and expensive in all markets without an automated solution.
  • Error Avoidance Savings - The cost to remedy errors when a number is allocated to multiple users, or was ported and then cancelled, does not just result in a direct cost to remediate but also carries a significant cost in terms of customer dissatisfaction and potential reduction in the customer lifetime revenue.
  • MSISDN Reduction Savings from Number Availability - The cost for an operator to ultimately find out that they do not have a sufficient inventory of available numbers for customers, or can’t obtain new MSISDNs until they are able to report on their current utilisation, is a significant source of revenue loss.

Efficiency from Running a TNM Solution in the Cloud – Evolving Systems' Managed Services can:

  • Manage the TNM functionality and associated headaches with experienced and dedicated staff.  Not only does this eliminate the task of deploying and managing the platform, this also insures the operator from unforeseen setbacks, such as a sudden reduction in available employees.
  • Help the operator streamline its operations with a predictable cost for the service while ensuring number availability, avoiding penalties for non-compliance, proper handling of contaminated and ported numbers and processing returns for ported and disconnected numbers.

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