Smart Dealer Commission

Tailored to adapt, designed to excel.
Witness commission management redefined.

Smart Dealer Commission

Tailored to adapt, designed to excel.
Witness commission management redefined.

Smart Dealer

Redefining the Mobile Sales Channel Through Digitalization and Automation.

Smart Dealer is a revolutionary platform engineered to transform and empower mobile sales channels in today’s dynamic telecommunication landscape. This solution offers digitalization and seamless integration of efficiency, real-time engagement, and automation, ensuring operators are equipped to deliver an exceptional subscriber experience.

Real-Time Engagement and Enhanced Subscriber Experience

Operators leveraging Smart Dealer enjoy real-time engagement, offering subscribers instant promotions during activations or top-ups. Trial new offers easily, utilize “split-testing,” and capture enhanced KYC (Digital Know Your Customer) prepaid registrations using low-cost devices.

Empower Dealers, Enhance Trust

Build an environment of trust and transparency with your dealers. Provide them with real-time information on performance, remuneration, and sales numbers. Reduce the costs associated with mistrust and inefficiency, paving the way for a harmonious and productive dealer-operator relationship.

Smart Dealer Commission:
A SaaS Solution

Addressing Dealer Commission

Revolutionizing Dealer Commissions

Dealer commission is a pivotal aspect of the sales incentive program. But it comes with its challenges – trust, transparency, accuracy, tracking, and accessibility.

The Smart Dealer Commission by Evolving Systems is designed to transcend these challenges, offering an efficient, transparent, and accurate solution.

  • Trust and Transparency: We ensure commissions are calculated and paid transparently, reducing disputes and fostering a trustworthy dealer-operator relationship.
  • Accuracy: With complex KPIs and multiple thresholds, our solution guarantees precise calculations, instilling confidence.
  • Tracking and Accessibility: Dealers can easily track and view their commission program, inspiring target achievement and trust

Addressing Commission Challenges Head-on

Smart Dealer Commission boasts automatic calculation over selectable periods, configurable algorithms for bespoke commission plans, real-time views for operators and channels, and the ability to export commission records to external systems. These features ensure dealers are motivated, rewarded, and have clear visibility of their earnings, fostering an environment of trust and performance.

  • Customizability: Supports multiple channels and plans, with real-time view access for operators and channels.
  • Automation: Configurable workflows automate payment processes or update financial systems.
  • Flexibility: Adjust commission plans based on performance achievement and KPI outperformance.

Smart Dealer Commission:
A SaaS Solution

Seamless, Scalable, Efficient

In the realm of dealer commissions, our SaaS solution stands unparalleled. Forget about the hefty hardware costs, complex integrations, and cumbersome maintenance. Our subscription-based model ensures that you have access to an intuitive, scalable, and available solution that grows with your needs.

SaaS Advantages

  • Zero Hardware Cost: Eliminate the financial and operational burdens of hardware, focusing resources on core business operations.
  • Open REST API: Enjoy seamless integration, enhancing functionality and business process automation.
  • Scalable: Adapt your business growth with a solution that scales according to your needs.

In every subscription, our clients have comprehensive support encompassing instruction videos, technical consultancy, and user manuals, ensuring you maximize the value derived from our solution.

Drive Revenues, Improve Relationships

Experience a holistic transformation in the way dealer commissions are managed. With accurate calculations, real-time data, and transparent reporting, watch your dealer relationships flourish. Drive increased revenues with a motivated salesforce empowered with comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Your Partner in Growth

At Evolving Systems, we don’t just offer a platform; we provide a partnership. Our Smart Dealer Commission as a SaaS solution embodies flexibility, efficiency, and innovation, designed to propel your dealer network into an era of transparency, trust, and unparalleled efficiency. Join us, and let’s evolve together.

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