Transforming Mobile Dealer Ecosystem and Enhancing Customer Experience

Mobile dealers and retailers are crucial in shaping the customer experience ecosystem in today’s increasingly competitive telecommunications market. However, these dealers often grapple with outdated infrastructure and processes that hinder their ability to support sales activities effectively. Evolving Systems’ Smart Dealer platform offers a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges, focusing on accelerating subscriber acquisition, digitalizing subscriber onboarding experience, reducing Know Your Customer (KYC) and activation times, and automating dealer management.  

The Smart Dealer platform provides a modular toolset to digitize the dealer network and deliver a superior subscriber experience. By engaging with subscribers in real-time during activation or top-up with new promotions, operators can guide dealers toward using the latest promotions within seconds, allowing instant responses to competitor activities. Additionally, the platform enables trialing new offers through split-testing to determine the most effective upgrades, with offers that can vary by region, time, day, or device.  

One of the key features of Smart Dealer is its enhanced KYC registration module, which captures subscriber details for pre-paid registration using standard, low-cost devices. Dealers can photograph IDs, enter details, and accept digital signatures, all via a mobile app or web interface. This digitalization of the subscriber onboarding experience ensures compliance with relevant regulations, reduces KYC and activation times, and results in a more seamless onboarding process.  

Smart Dealer offers a comprehensive dealer management module to streamline dealer operations further. This feature includes secure user management and control access based on rights and privileges, hierarchy and user role management, and a configurable dealer registration and verification process. By tracking dealer locations, operators can prevent revenue loss and ensure comprehensive coverage, deploying channels in areas where special events occur. The platform also delivers an efficient mobile point-of-sale solution through an Android-based application and web interface, supporting all features and functionality required by sales channels.  

Smart Dealer helps incentivize dealers to promote various products and services by providing dealer performance and commission information. Real-time tracking of dealer locations and sales allows for better dealer network management. The platform also facilitates real-time SIM activation and recharge, enabling dealers to engage, activate, and personalize subscribers at the point of sale, maximizing revenue opportunities.  

Furthermore, Smart Dealer simplifies inventory management with real-time dealer stock inventory, ensuring stock levels meet demand and sales opportunities are never lost. One-click ordering, and stock tracking make it easier for dealers to maintain an adequate supply of goods. The platform also offers sales insights and reports, allowing operators to improve business efficiency, minimize risk, and drive revenues by understanding sales of goods and services across the dealer network.  

In conclusion, Evolving Systems’ Smart Dealer platform revolutionizes the mobile dealer ecosystem by addressing the challenges faced by dealers and enhancing subscriber experiences. By adopting this innovative platform, operators can create a seamless, efficient, and profitable dealer network, ultimately contributing to the success of the mobile telecommunications industry.