In the dynamic realm of digital engagement, Evolving Systems presents Game Manager. This innovative SaaS add-on allows businesses to effortlessly design, configure, and roll out HTML5 Mini Games & Reveal Mechanics, custom-fitted to resonate with brand identity and promotional initiatives.  

Understanding the Gamification Appeal

Based on the Loyalty Report 2019 – Bond Brand’s global study of 55,000 consumers, the potential of gamification is clear:

  • 53% of consumers show an interest in game mechanics, with a staggering 81% using them when available.
  • Interest in gamification spans generations, from 85% in Gen Z to 81% in Gen X.
  • Leveraging game mechanics can increase user enjoyment by a significant 1.7 times.

Such compelling data underscores the transformative potential of game-centric strategies in marketing. 

A Closer Look at Game Manager’s Features

At its core, Game Manager is a beacon of customization, scalability, and integration: 

  • Tailored Gaming Experience: Businesses can personalize games to align with their brand’s aesthetics, choosing fonts, colors, and sizes. 
  • Scalability: With its cloud-driven and multi-tenant capabilities, Game Manager caters to diverse client needs, ensuring that scale is never a barrier to engagement. 
  • Direct Synchronization: Game Manager boasts flawless synchronization, integrating directly with Evolution through the Mobile Application Gateway. 

But what truly sets Game Manager apart is its comprehensive gaming proposition. From the initial stages of ‘Pre-Play’ to the climactic ‘Win’ moments, it ensures every step is memorable. Whether orchestrating prize deliveries or curating immersive digital game experiences, Game Manager proves its mettle. 

The Evolution Advantage

Yet, the brilliance of Game Manager is accentuated by its seamless integration with Evolution, a robust Customer Engagement Platform. This synergy equips Game Manager to function as a tailored game publishing hub, offering:

  • A vast library of games
  • Efficient eligibility checks and token generation for customers
  • Customized rewards based on predictive analytics
  • And an enriched integration of game elements with enticing reward offers. 

Further amplifying its prowess, Evolution harnesses data from various sources. Its core focus is simplifying the configuration of offers, vouchers, products, and more. Moreover, the architectural design ensures the front-end of games remains separate from the secure back-end business rules, seamlessly connected through the Mobile Application Gateway. 

This unique combination provides Game Manager with an edge. It allows unprecedented levels of personalization, tailoring incentives and rewards to align with individual customer preferences, tenure, and value. 

Embrace the Future of Engagement

Embracing the future means recognizing and leveraging transformative tools. With Game Manager, brands have a golden opportunity to craft gamified experiences that resonate. Dive deeper into the world of Game Manager, explore its myriad features, and understand how it can be the linchpin in your engagement strategy. 

Discover more about Game Manager and the tangible benefits it brings to the table. Visit our website, download our detailed brochure, or schedule a consultation today.

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