Customer Value Management Solutions With Advanced Analytic Models

Transform Customer Interactions, Maximize Revenue, Reduce Churn

Customer Value Management Solutions With Advanced Analytic Models

Transform Customer Interactions, Maximize Revenue, Reduce Churn

Evolution CVM Packages

Drive growth and customer engagement with Evolution’s comprehensive Customer Value Management (CVM) packages. Specifically designed to address the telecom industry’s distinct needs, our CVM offerings—focusing on Subscriber Growth, Revenue Growth, and Churn Rate Reduction—provide targeted solutions catering to emerging and established operators. These packages equip your business with the advanced tools and strategies to boost customer engagement, maximize revenue growth, and reduce churn. 

Transforming Customer Value Management with Evolution

At the core of our offerings, the Evolution platform is a next-generation customer engagement platform specializing in optimizing Customer Value Management. It harnesses vast volumes of customer data to create dynamic customer segments, manages universal control groups, and automates hundreds of workflows. This advanced CVM solution facilitates superior campaign prioritization and offer selection, significantly enhancing overall customer engagement. 

Maximizing Customer Value

Evolving Systems redefines the art of customer engagement through our pioneering Customer Value Management Methodology. By transforming interactions at strategic touchpoints and aligning with your business objectives, we ensure impactful engagements across the entire customer lifecycle—from welcoming new customers to nurturing long-term loyalty. Evolution’s robust CVM features are designed to empower your marketing strategies, ensuring enhanced engagement and optimized interactions at every stage.

CVM Packages

Subscriber Growth Package

The Subscriber Growth Package is designed to significantly increase your network’s active subscriber count. It utilizes daily customer profile data alongside real-time event-level counters for activations, purchases, and usage. This package is particularly beneficial for new MVNOs and digital-first operators aggressively seeking to expand their market presence. 

This package facilitates rapid subscriber base growth through:

  • Real-Time Customer Experiences: Tailoring interactions based on real-time data for immediate relevance and engagement.
  • Member-Get-Member Program: Motivating existing subscribers to refer new customers, rewarding both with staggered incentives over the first 30 days.
  • Comprehensive Campaigns and Programs: Including staggered rewards, first top-up/renewal stimulation, education programs based on early service usage, and churn prediction models with churn risk scoring output
Revenue Growth Package

The Revenue Growth Package is focused on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) and overall revenue. It is ideal for established operators in competitive markets where growth has plateaued. 

Operators can identify and act promptly on upselling and cross-selling opportunities through sophisticated data analytics and real-time interactions.

This package leverages daily customer profile data and real-time event counters to deliver:


  • Dynamic Pricing Models: Utilizing the Next Best Offer Program to provide personalized offers based on usage patterns and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Campaigns: Including first recharge/top-up campaigns with real-time rewards, low balance triggers to encourage timely recharges, credit burn incentives, and high-value appreciation rewards to foster customer loyalty and increase spending.
Churn Rate Reduction Package

The Churn Rate Reduction Package targets operators in competitive markets facing high churn rates. It combines detailed customer profile analytics with real-time data to deliver proactive retention strategies. This package enhances customer loyalty and reduces turnover by addressing the specific needs of at-risk customers.

Using daily customer profile data and real-time event counters to offer, it can provide:


  • Proactive Retention Campaigns: Identify at-risk customers early and engage them with personalized offers.
  • Gamified Credit Advance Program: Features a status-based rewards system. Customers earn higher status by responsibly taking and repaying loans. As they advance in status, they gain access to more significant loan amounts and better returns, effectively fostering responsible usage and deeper engagement.
  • Comprehensive Campaigns: Including first recharge/top-up incentives, low balance triggers, multi-SIM user incentives, and advanced churn prediction models to tailor retention strategies effectively.
Basic CVM Package

As a foundational offering, the Basic CVM Package is designed for operators seeking a straightforward, cost-effective solution to drive growth and upsells. This package works with daily aggregated data for usage and spending, supplemented by real-time SMS and app-push communications activations and IN Provisioning/Fulfilment for credit/data volumes.

Why Choose Evolution CVM Packages?

The Evolution CVM Packages addresses the distinct challenges telecom operators face. Whether your goal is to expand your subscriber base, maximize revenue, or reduce churn, Evolution provides the tools necessary for success.

Our packages provide:

Strategic Engagement

Aligning campaigns with business objectives to motivate and inspire your team.


Leveraging a real-time, data-driven approach for granular personalization and dynamic interactions.

Measurable Outcomes

With clear KPIs and robust analytics, you can track progress and adapt strategies to ensure optimal performance and ROI.

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