Webinar On-Demand: Engaging the Heart and Mind – Customer Loyalty Programs that Deliver Results

Did you miss our live session or want to revisit the insightful discussions?

The on-demand version of ‘Engaging the Heart and Mind’ is now available for you to access at your convenience. This webinar provides a comprehensive exploration of the strategic interplay between analytics and emotional engagement, demonstrating how they can elevate customer loyalty programs to exceed key performance indicators.

Insightful Discussion Points Include:

1. Strategic Integration of Analytics and Emotion

Learn how a balanced approach between analytical precision and emotional depth can significantly enhance key performance indicators, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Return on Investment (ROI). This dual approach promotes sustained customer retention and deeper brand affinity, driving substantial business growth.

2. Critical Role of Rational and Emotional Integration

This session explains why rational thought and emotional appeal are essential for a robust customer engagement strategy. It also highlights how such integration fosters long-lasting relationships and enhances the effectiveness of customer engagement programs.

3. Data and Insights for Advancing Loyalty Programs

Acquire actionable strategies for merging quantitative data with qualitative insights. This presentation offers advanced tactics for crafting personalized, impactful customer loyalty initiatives that resonate deeply with target audiences.

4. Case Studies on Personalized Engagement

Watch detailed case studies showing how innovative, personalized engagement strategies have transformed traditional loyalty programs. Learn from real-world applications and the successful implementation of customized rewards that significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics.

About The Speaker

BEATA KOVACS – Head of Marketing Consultancy Services  

Beata is our Head of Marketing Consultancy, bringing over 20 years of marketing experience to the team. Before Evolving Systems, she spent 17 years at Deutsche Telekom, where she was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Deputy Chief Commercial Officer for T-Mobile and headed the International CRM (CVM) Marketing base management Retention and Loyalty function, overseeing all loyalty and CVM activities for all national companies.

Since 2014, she has led the design of loyalty programs worldwide for Evolving Systems. Beata also manages several key projects at Evolving Systems, including O2 Germany and Liberty Global Group Loyalty.

Beata’s academic achievements further solidify her expertise. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics with a Marketing specialization in Psychology from the prestigious University of Sciences and University of Economics (Hungary) and a Digital Marketing Diploma from the renowned Digital Marketing Institute (UK).

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