Secure Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform
for Seamless SIM Management

Secure Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform
for Seamless SIM Management

Unlock the potential of SIM card management with our
advanced Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform

The Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform facilitates secure, remote updates to SIM files and applications, ensuring uninterrupted mobile services for subscribers.

Simplified SIM Card Management

Simplified SIM Card Management

Update and control SIM card files effortlessly. Our RFM system allows remote updates over SMS, managing everything from network lists to SIM phonebooks and ensuring subscribers can access the latest network services and capabilities.

Remote Applet Management (RAM)

Deploy Java applets on SIM cards with precision. Our RAM service streamlines the deployment of Java applets, offering installation, removal, and locking functionalities and retrieving applet parameters. Manage your card resources efficiently and ensure seamless applet performance for users.

IP-Based OTA Messaging

Our IP-OTA capability transmits updates via HTTP, allowing for robust and versatile OTA messaging, fitting the modern mobile landscape’s demands.

SIM Resource Management:

Secure your SIM card management with our advanced resource management system. From OTA keys to app repository management, we safeguard the entire process within a secure enclave, providing top-tier security for your SIM operations.

SIM Application Repository Management:

Maintain control over SIM applications and their versions. Our system allows for the assignment and updating of identifiers, ensuring your SIM applications are current and correctly associated with user profiles.

Intuitive OTA Management Portal

OTA Management Web Portal:

Navigate the complexities of OTA operations via our feature-rich web portal, with privilege management and a comprehensive dashboard for reporting and customer care.

Menu Designer & Management:

Create, manage, and push customized menus to multiple SIM cards simultaneously. Our Menu Designer provides tools to design menus aligned with subscriber profiles and geographical locations, offering a personalized user experience.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Access detailed reports on OTA activities, delivery success rates, and error checks. Our customizable dashboard allows for real-time insights and decision-making.

Our OTA Platform is a solution for operators seeking a resilient and scalable system. Experience an intuitive, easy-to-use platform with a detailed reporting dashboard for in-depth analysis and monitoring. Choose our OTA Platform for a comprehensive, secure, and efficient SIM management solution that evolves with your network’s needs.

Discover the power of seamless SIM updates
and management.

Contact us today to integrate our Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform into your network and take the first step towards streamlined efficiency.

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