Customer Value Management: Understand your customers and treat them as the individuals that they are

At Evolving, we’re passionate about helping Communications Service Providers (CSPs) extract the maximum value from their existing customer base. In today’s commoditized markets full of disruptive price-wars, carriers are placing more and more importance on having the necessary tools to manage retention and profitability from the existing base that they’ve worked so hard to build.

Are your customers tired of getting the same old SMS messages with the same old offers? Are the take-up rates from your batch-based, below-the-line campaigns declining? Is it painful to try and measure whether your campaigns are having an impact or not? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES!”, then it’s time to talk to us.

Through advanced solutions that we tailor individually to your needs, Evolving is helping carriers all around the world in their own unique markets to create and automate a successful CVM strategy that generates incremental revenue from the existing customer base. We do this through our ‘3 x P’ model, providing the People, Processes and Platforms to help you transition from managing 10s of concurrent segmented cyclic campaigns either manually or in legacy systems to automating sophisticated, real-time, personalized and adaptive journeys across multiple channels. 

Understanding Customer Behavior

Learn about best practice in delivering behavioral analysis and the implementation of successful contextual marketing strategies and techniques

‘Journeys’ rather than ‘Campaigns’ means more than just having the solution to act on real-time triggers. It means having the solution to take customers down a context-driven, multi-stage decisioning path and using appetite predictions based on the ‘now-time’ state of the customer to decide what’s most important to their current needs based on their historical behavior and their stage in the lifecycle and how we can make the right offer without diluting revenue.

We can tailor the right solution to your needs and plug the gaps. Whether you just want an advanced software platform, or whether you’re short on resources to manage a CVM program, we’ll consult with you provide what you need to achieve your KPIs.

People and Process definition can provided through our team of industry experts, data scientists and CVM Practitioners through our Marketing Services and our advanced Evolution Platform, integrated into your environment using the latest Big Data & API technologies, using Machine Learning algorithms and in-memory processing, to provide you with the required tools to run triggered journeys in a self-learning closed-loop manner, turning your data gold-mine into actionable insight, real-time decisions and automated offer communication and incentive provisioning. 

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