In the dynamic world of mobile services, a robust customer engagement and loyalty strategy can be the difference-maker. One remarkable example comes from a leading mobile service provider in Ireland, which reimagined its loyalty program into a vibrant catalyst for noteworthy success. 

From Limited Loyalty to Strategic Growth

Having inherited a somewhat limited loyalty program from a previous acquisition, the provider identified the potential for a more dynamic, strategic, and revenue-generating approach. Looking to distinguish themselves in a competitive market, they sought to evolve their program into a dedicated growth channel capable of serving their diverse customer base, irrespective of their spending habits or tenure. The challenge was finding a partner to educate them on loyalty strategies and support their envisioned goals for the revamped program. 

An Ambitious New Loyalty Strategy with Evolving Systems

An ambitious, digital-first loyalty strategy was born through a partnership with Evolving Systems. Central to this strategy was the need for a program that could appeal to a broad demographic so that engagement could be maximized. By leveraging a range of sponsorship assets and integrating features such as badges, competitions, geo-located offers and push notifications all within a user-friendly app interface, they were able to transform their loyalty program into an enticing channel for local partners to want to advertise through, thus making it a revenue-generating program. 

Embracing a Mobile-First Approach

Under Evolving Systems’ guidance, the program adopted a mobile-first approach, breathing life into the newly reborn program. They introduced diverse offers across multiple categories, badges, rewards for engagement, and real-time vouchering functionality, serving personalized content based on geolocation. The masterstroke was introducing a rate card system. This move offered immediate revenue benefits by inviting other brands to access the provider’s customer base, attracting partnerships with prominent brands across various industries. 

Measurable Success in Loyalty

With the innovative platform provided by Evolving Systems, the revamped loyalty program welcomed aboard numerous big-name brands, whilst amassing a significant cohort of active subscribers – nearly a third of the provider’s customer base. Notably, an uplift in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) among participants and a marked decrease in churn rate among engaged users were recorded, proving the program’s effectiveness. Consistent enhancements to the program’s user interface combined with the uniqueness of the offers in the market also significantly increased their Net Promoter Score.

Your Next Step in Digital Engagement

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