2022’s FIFA World Cup will kick off in Qatar on November 21st. Get ready for 4 weeks of entertainment, excitement and adrenaline-driven moments that will capture a global audience. 

For Communications Service Providers, events like this provide a range of marketing opportunities, from the creation and go-to-market of specific products and services for customers that wish to follow or view the matches from a mobile device, to themed time-limited plans and bundles tailored to the event, through to the design and launch of Gamified Promotions that leverage consumer interest in the event to grow engagement, participation, loyalty and indeed revenue.. 

‘Gamification’ is the art of using the same kinds of mechanics that games do to tap into intrinsic and extrinsic human motivators to grab attention and to generate and maintain interest and engagement, but in this case, applying them to the use of your ‘Telco’ products and services. This can take many shapes and forms such as

badges, missions & challenges, points earning, special partner offers available by reaching a tier or level, as well as the use of casual in-app arcade-style games or animated reveal screens to unlock gifts, rewards and competition prizes. 

Purpose-built for the Telco-Industry, the Evolution platform provides out-of-the-box, configurable tools and functionalities that enable marketing users to create and orchestrate such gamified promotions around events like this year’s World Cup to leverage your client’s love for soccer by introducing a data-driven concept that can reward engagement, subscriptions and purchase transactions in order to generate range of business benefits.

With both Hosted SaaS & On-Premise deployment options available, Evolution can be easily and rapidly integrated with any Digital BSS environment, to work with event and usage data across multiple source systems for Mobile, Fixed, TV or Mobile Wallet lines of business. 

Theme and CSP branded front-ends can be easily embedded into your apps, websites or social media channels to encourage engagement and unlock the fun. Skill-based mini-games such as Penalty Kicks or Keepy-Ups can create scores that can be shown on a leader board and result in prizes , or soccer-themed Spin-the-Wheel or Lucky Draw reveal mechanics can reward participating customers that spend their points or trade in an earned token to play. 

Linked to the back-end orchestration of the chances to play and the fulfilment of the rewards by the Evolution Platform, such gamified promotions makes participation as memorable as the World Cup itself. With Evolution, you can flexibly set up different eligibility rules for your customers at the service or offer level and manage stocks for rewards (vouchers, physical merchandise, Telco products tuned-up pricing). 

Evolving Systems’ Telco Industry Experts work with you throughout the entire implementation and maintenance process, with assistance to ideate, design, define, prioritise, analyse and execute ensuring the delivery of measurable marketing results. 

Soccer/football fans don’t just watch games; they engage in the competition before, during and after on a wider scale in all factors of their everyday lives and many will make subconscious purchase decisions influenced by their passion for the event. Why not give your customers the chance to be included in the game as part of their telecommunications subscription, to be an active part in the World Cup! 

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