Empowering Telecoms with New Customer Value Management Solutions with Advanced Analytic Models 

Streamline Your Telecom Resource Management with Cloud Efficiency

Evolving Systems has recently enhanced its offerings with new Customer Value Management (CVM) packages designed for telecom operators. The Evolution platform, recognized for its cutting-edge capabilities in customer engagement, now features tailored packages—Subscriber Growth, Revenue Growth, and Churn Rate Reduction—each developed to meet the unique challenges today’s telecom businesses face.

Transforming Customer Value Management

The Evolution platform excels in managing vast volumes of customer data, creating dynamic customer segments, and automating complex workflows. This enables telecom operators to refine their campaign strategies, prioritize effectively, and select optimal offers, thus significantly enhancing customer engagement. Through its proven CVM Methodology and Analytic Models, Evolution reshapes how telecoms interact with customers at strategic touchpoints, aligning initiatives with business goals to maximize impact throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Value Management Packages

Subscriber Growth Solution Package

Targeted at expanding the network’s active subscriber base, the Subscriber Growth Package is especially beneficial for Greenfield MVNOs and digital-first operators. It leverages daily customer profile data and real-time analytics to enhance subscriber interactions and engagement. Key features include:

  • Real-Time Customer Experiences: Tailoring interactions instantly based on data analytics ensures that communications are always relevant and engaging.
  • Churn and Customer Segmentation Prediction Models: These models help predict customer behaviors and identify those at risk of churning, enabling targeted retention strategies.
  • Dynamic Engagement Strategies: From staggered rewards that enhance loyalty to educational programs that maximize service utilization, this package offers tools to maintain a healthy and growing subscriber base.

Revenue Growth Solution Package

Designed for established operators in stagnant or competitive markets, the Revenue Growth Package focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value and overall revenue. It employs a sophisticated suite of analytic tools and real-time data processing to offer personalized customer experiences. Key components include:

  • Digital Next Best Offer Program: Utilizes real-time offer scoring algorithms to deliver personalized offers, enhancing customer satisfaction and spending.
  • Comprehensive Engagement Campaigns: Initiatives like first recharge/top-up campaigns and offer simulations help boost early revenue generation and ongoing financial engagement.

Churn Rate Reduction Solution Package

For operators grappling with high churn rates, this package offers a robust set of tools to reverse those trends. Telecoms can significantly improve customer retention by integrating advanced data analytics with targeted retention campaigns. Notable features include:

  • Proactive Retention Campaigns: Using real-time data to engage at-risk customers with personalized offers.
  • Multi-SIM User Incentives and Win-Back Strategies: Encourage loyalty and reclaim former customers through tailored offers and rewards.

Why Choose Evolution CVM Packages?

These packages not only cater to specific needs such as subscriber expansion, revenue maximization, and churn reduction but also offer strategic engagement, real-time personalization, scalable solutions, and measurable outcomes. Operators can align their campaigns with overarching business objectives, utilize data-driven personalization for dynamic customer interactions, and confidently track progress with clear KPIs and robust analytics.

Evolving Systems continues to redefine telecom customer value management with these strategic offerings, ensuring operators can achieve optimal performance and substantial ROI. Whether aiming to expand your subscriber base, boost revenue, or enhance customer retention, Evolution provides the comprehensive tools needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.