Evolving Systems Launches CVM  Solutions with Advanced Analytic Models for Telecom Operators

Streamline Your Telecom Resource Management with Cloud Efficiency

Evolving Systems proudly announces its latest Customer Value Management (CVM) offerings through the Evolution platform. These new packaged solutions—Subscriber Growth, Revenue Growth, and Churn Rate Reduction—are tailored to meet the specific needs of telecom operators, from emerging telcos to established players. The focus is empowering telecom operators with the tools and strategies to enhance customer engagement, optimize revenue and subscriber growth opportunities, and minimize churn. 

Transforming Customer Value Management with Evolution

Evolution is a next-generation customer engagement platform that specializes in Customer Value Management. It leverages vast volumes of customer data, creates dynamic customer segments, manages universal control groups, and automates hundreds of workflows. This advanced CVM solution with pre-built analytic models enables better campaign strategies, prioritization, and offer selection, significantly improving overall customer engagement.

Maximize Customer Value with Evolution

Evolving Systems redefines customer engagement through its proven Customer Value Management (CVM) Methodology and Analytic Models. By transforming interactions at strategic touchpoints and aligning with business objectives, Evolution ensures maximum impact across the entire customer lifecycle—from welcoming new customers to nurturing long-term loyalty. Evolution’s robust CVM features empower marketing strategies, ensuring better engagement and optimized customer interactions at every stage.

Advance CVM Solution Offering

Subscriber Growth Solution Package

The Subscriber Growth Package is designed to expand the network’s net number of active subscribers. It works with daily customer profile data and real-time event-level counters for activations, purchases, and usage powered by analytic models. This package is ideal for Greenfield MVNOs and digital-first operators aiming to grow their subscriber base. Key features include:

  • Real-Time Customer Experiences: Personalize interactions based on real-time data, ensuring immediate relevance and engagement.
  • Customer Segmentation Prediction Model based on customer behavior.
  • Churn Prediction Models: Identify customers at risk of churning and target them with retention campaigns based on their risk level.
  • Campaigns and Programs:
    • Staggered Rewards: Gradually increase rewards for new customers over their first month to encourage continued usage and engagement.
    • First Top-Up/Renewal Stimulation: Offer real-time rewards for customers who complete their first top-up or renewal.
    • Education Programs: Provide guidance and tips based on early service usage or non-usage to ensure customers get the most out of their service.
    • Member-Get-Member Program: Incentivize current subscribers to refer new customers, rewarding both the referrer and referred with staggered rewards over a period of time.

The Subscriber Growth Package is ideal for a new digital-first MVNO to quickly build a loyal customer base by leveraging real-time personalized rewards and referral incentives, driving rapid subscriber growth and engagement.

Revenue Growth Solution Package

The Revenue Growth Package focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) and overall revenue through CVM initiatives. It is ideal for established operators in competitive, low-growth markets. This package works with daily customer profile data and event counters, providing real-time customer experiences and a more granular personalization approach. Key features include:

  • Digital Next Best Offer (DNBO) Program to give customers personalized offers based on usage patterns and preferences. This model is based a Real-Time Offer Scoring Algorithms
  • Customer Segmentation Prediction Model: Identify and create offers for customers segments based on customer behavior patterns.
  • Campaigns and Programs:
    • First Recharge/Top-Up Campaigns: Offer real-time rewards to incentivize initial recharges or top-ups, boosting early revenue generation.
    • Offer Simulation: Offer real-time personalized offers for customers based on usage and behavior.
    • Low Balance Triggers: Send alerts and incentives when customers’ balances are low to encourage timely recharges.
    • Credit Burn Incentives: Provide rewards for customers who use up their credit, promoting increased usage and spending.
    • High-Value Appreciation Rewards: Recognize and reward high-value customers to ensure they feel valued and continue to spend.

With the Revenue Growth Package, an established telco in a mature market can increase ARPU (average revenue per user) by offering dynamic, personalized plans and incentives that cater to individual customer needs and preferences.

Churn Rate Reduction Solution Package

The Churn Rate Reduction Package aims to reduce the current churn rate by leveraging daily customer profile data and real-time event counters. This package is tailored for established operators in competitive markets facing churn issues. It combines proactive retention campaigns, high-value user recognition, and a Churn Prediction Model with customer churn risk scoring output. Key features include:

  • Churn Prediction Analytic Model: Use advanced analytics to predict which customers are at risk of leaving and tailor retention campaigns to their specific needs.
  • Customer WIN-Back Analytic Model: Predicts potential win-back customers back to the network.
  • Multi-SIM User Incentives: Encourage customers with multiple SIM cards to consolidate their usage on your network with targeted offers and rewards.
  • Proactive Retention Campaigns: Use real-time data to identify at-risk customers and engage them with personalized retention offers.
  • Campaigns and Programs:
    • First Recharge/Top-Up Incentives: Provide real-time rewards to encourage customers to stay engaged from the beginning.
    • Low Balance Triggers: Alert customers when their balance is low and offer incentives to recharge, preventing churn due to low balance.
    • Top-up/Renewal Campaigns/Reminders: Offer real-time rewards for customers who complete their renewals.
    • Micro-segmented retention campaigns based on churn risk levels.

The Churn Rate Reduction Package is ideal for an established operator experiencing high churn rates to retain more customers by proactively addressing their needs with personalized incentives and rewards, significantly lowering churn and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Choosing Evolution CVM Solution Packages

Evolution CVM Packages address the distinct challenges faced by telcos and startups. Whether you aim to expand your subscriber base, maximize revenue, or reduce churn, Evolution offers the tools you need to succeed. These packages provide strategic engagement, real-time personalization, scalability, and measurable outcomes.

  • Strategic Engagement: Campaigns align with business objectives, inspiring and motivating your team.
  • Personalization: A real-time, data-driven approach allows for granular personalization and dynamic interactions.
  • Scalability: Evolution scales with your needs, from simple implementations to complex, multi-layered journeys.
  • Measurable Outcomes: With clear KPIs and robust analytics, you can confidently track progress and pivot strategies as needed, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.  

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