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Digital Customer Engagement is a critical component of commercial success


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For the Communications Service Provider, an effective Digital Customer Engagement with a Gamification strategy is a critical component of commercial success. One of the most important components of such strategies today is the self-care application. Correctly designed, these applications are highly effective channels through which the CSP can actively engage and manage it customers, increasing their lifetime value through the display of highly segmented and personalized offers.

However, though the opportunity is great, the global average of downloads of mobile self-care apps is low. Often, no more than 20%-30% of the CSPs customer base will download the app and furthermore less than 20% of those who do will bother to even open it in a given month. As interacting with such apps is also a key part of the CSPs Digital Transformation journey, this reality is problematic and needs to be addressed.

As a pre-requisite to any digital engagement strategy and by extension customer journey in the app, it is clear that CSPs must focus more on improving download and engagement statistics. A failure to do so means a failure to move the dial on ARPU or increasing retention KPIs from the app channel.

It’s therefore reasonable to conclude that CSPs urgently need to find effective reasons for their customers to want to use self-care apps on a more frequent basis.


Increase engagement and usage with Gamification

Gamification is the application of game mechanics to what are traditionally non-game activities, and can be used to drive both the usage and effectiveness of self-care apps. The intent of gamification is to prompt specific behaviors by creating an entertaining experience which incentivizes desirable actions to be taken by the player. With this in mind, it seems obvious that a potential solution to an app engagement challenge would be to add or embed some casual games. It is relatively simple to do this so the question is, will gamification have the desired effect.

At Evolving systems, we have been using game mechanics for more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry within the award-winning loyalty and engagement programs that are powered by our solutions and services. A loyalty program is, of course, not really a ‘game’, but any transactional program is nevertheless a form of ‘gamifying’ the customer’s general usage, spend and tenure with your products and services, whereby the behaviors you seek to incentivize are increased tenure and spend measured by the Customer Lifetime Value KPI.

Various rewards are used as incentives for customers to earn, collect and enjoy in return for their continued patronage or for reaching of certain milestones. These “prizes” can be in the form of cashback, discounts or free usage allocation of telecommunications services, or 3rd party products and services provided by partners.


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Gamification Increases Customer Engagement 

An effective Digital Customer Engagement strategy is a critical component of CSPs commercial success and incomplete without gamification. Download to find out:

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