Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Tertio Service Activation: A modular solution for service assembly, activation and verification

Evolving Systems' pioneering approach to service assembly, activation and verification, the Tertio Service Activation (TSA) solution, is a modular suite of packaged software that provides a scalable, high performance solution for service activation and verification. It is designed to help operators manage services quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively across multi-technology domains.

The TSA solution modules address the following business needs:

  • Model-Driven Service Assembly - TSA enables service providers to completely re-tool the service development process to dramatically reduce the effort and risk as service lifecycles shorten. The model-driven approach to service assembly reduces the time-to-market for new services. Service can be bundled using an active service model that holds service hierarchies assembled from service delivery resources across the supply chain on net, wholesale or unbundled. A more efficient service development process means lower operational costs too.
  • Service Layer Integration - Service providers aim to compose new services using the capabilities of SDP / IMS service layer technologies, realising both economic and time-to-market advantages at the same time. But the promise of these service platforms will come to nothing if service providers don’t have a service activation OSS that can effectively manage service entitlements and identity across service layers as they transform and converge. As communications and IT resources converge in the new service layers, TSA effectively integrates with new subscriber information models and data store architectures, such as federation and consolidation. The result is reduced integration cost and risk, and an increase in business agility.
  • User-Centric Service Experience - Offering a compelling user-centric service experience is critical to reducing churn, winning market share and controlling operational costs. Tertio Service Activation takes a subscriber-centric approach to implementing, validating and verifying services, ensuring they are activated accurately and reliably. Service verification not only helps to improve customer satisfaction and drive service usage and revenue, it also improves the utilization of resource assets and helps with data cleansing, to prepare for the migration to new subscriber information data stores.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership - When choosing the IT platform for business applications, service providers need to optimize the hardware and operating platform for cost of ownership as well as the application workload and service level. For mission-critical applications, such as the service activation OSS, this flexibility is particularly important especially as IT departments are being asked to reduce costs without compromising the level and quality of service they provide.
  • Tertio Service Activation - provides multi-vendor support for full application distribution across large numbers of servers, adding the option to scale out horizontally as well as vertically. Horizontal scalability allows a service provider to start with smaller, low cost servers, which can then easily expand as demand increases. It also enables greater flexibility when planning platform transition or consolidation. Operationally, TSA leverages a commercial database, storage (SAN) and cluster management software, to further reduce both risk and cost.
  • Standards Alignment - TSA is aligned to TM Forum standards and programs, such as the main NGOSS components, notably the eTOM business process framework and the SID business entity model. The solution is also aligned with integration standards, such as the OSS/J Order Management API, JSR 264, and can be implemented to help reduce the 'integration tax' that is typically associated with business requirements.


A reflection of the exceptional first time provisioning success rates is the continuing fall in Provisioning incidents being raised – March 2018 has seen the lowest recorded volume of incident raised, pretty impressive! -EE UK, April 2018

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