Cloud Resource Management

Managing your complete number and SIM inventory from the cloud

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Cloud native solution for telecom resource management 


Our Total Number Management (TNM™) cloud platform is the complete management system for IMSIs, MSISDNs, ICCIDs and other resources, enabling Operators to automate the tracking and reporting of these national assets, as well as providing the ability to track and forecast SIM usage, automate, and simplify the SIM ordering process from manufacturers.


Do you need a cloud solution that is going to…


  • Be a single source of truth for identifier resources (e.g. IMEIs, CPEs, IMSIs, ICCIDs, IPs, MSISDNs)?
  • Help save costs vs. on-premise point solutions and get a scalable solution 
  • Provide ready-made Regulatory reports
  • Improved inventory planning and forecasting

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Cloud resource management for Telcos

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Total Number Management as a Service 



Cloud Resource Management for telcos   


A scalable and fully automated Software-as-a-Service solution that enables global mobile operators,


and operators at group level, reliably and efficiently manage their


telephone numbers and associated resources.



Completely secure Software as a Service Solution 





  • Fraction of the cost of on-premise resource management solution 


  • Intelligent reporting, providing visualization of resource inventory



  • Flexible data modelling and configuration engine


  • Supports fixed line as well as mobile



Easy integration via REST API Gateway


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About Total Number Management as a Service (TNM SaaS)

TNM SaaS is a number management platform that will allow telcos to manage all resources

and assets on the cloud.  Easy API integration ensures existing investment into number

management is not wasted.