Transforming the Commission Landscape: Evolving Systems Launches the Smart Dealer Commission Platform

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Press Release

Evolving Systems introduces the Smart Dealer Commission, an innovative tool addressing the challenges faced in mobile sales and dealer commission management. This platform merges technology, convenience, efficiency, and transparency to clarify commission systems. 

A Detailed Look at Commission Challenges

Smart Dealer Commission has been created to respond to industry complexities related to trust, accuracy, and transparency. The tool aims to bridge the gap between dealer trust and operational efficiency. 

  • Automated Processes: With the capacity to handle diverse dealer hierarchies and product challenges, the Smart Dealer Commission ensures streamlined calculations.
  • Real-time Data: The platform gives dealers timely insights into their earnings, enhancing their motivation and trust in the system.
  • Flexible Commission Plans: The feature enables easy configuration of algorithms and commission objectives at varying organizational scales. 

Efficiency in Commission Management

With its user-oriented design, Smart Dealer Commission simplifies processes from selecting dealer types to deciding on pay-out timings. 

  • Tailored Dealer Options: The platform has interfaces that allow customization based on the needs of Distributors, Dealers, or Sub-Dealers.
  • Diverse Product KPIs: A wide range of product types, combinations, and KPIs allows for versatile commission plans.
  • Varied Pay-Out Options: It provides multiple pay-out choices, ensuring flexibility for its users.  

Advantages of the SaaS Model

The Smart Dealer Commission leverages a subscription-based model, eliminating hardware costs and ensuring smooth integration and scalability. This strategic tool is designed to enhance efficiency and foster growth. 

Experience the Solution Firsthand

For those keen on experiencing the full capabilities of the Smart Dealer Commission, a visit to the Smart Dealer website is highly recommended. See the solution by watching a comprehensive demo video and gain a deeper understanding of the platform and its many features; a detailed Smart Dealer Commission brochure is also available for download. This allows potential users to familiarize themselves with the system, its benefits, and its value. Immerse yourself in the Smart Dealer experience today.