Evolving Systems Introduces Smart Dealer

May 24, 2023, 06:42 GMT

The Comprehensive Solution to Digitalize and Automate Mobile Sales Distribution Networks

Evolving Systems, a leading provider of innovative engagement solutions for telecommunications companies, has launched its latest offering – a digitalization and automation solution to empower mobile sales channels.

“Our new solution, the Smart Dealer, provides telco dealers with all the functionality they require to streamline and automate their sales and management processes,” said Eric Hatton, COO of Evolving Systems. “By combining cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, we’ve created a platform that enables telecom operators to quickly and easily expand their dealer channels, track performance, and improve the customer experience.”

Smart Dealer is a modular toolset that offers a unique dealer-subscriber experience, enabling dealers to manage every aspect of the subscription service, including sales, activation, and throughout the subscriber’s lifecycle. The platform supports all sales functionalities dealers require, such as subscriber registration (Know Your Customer), biometric and ID verification capabilities, SIM activation and swap, recharge top-up, device bundling, or subscription changes.

Smart Dealer’s mobile app and web-based platform provide dealers with an intuitive toolset that can be distributed efficiently to all dealers and retail staff. The modular structure of the Smart Dealer application allows for the automation of the complete dealer management processes, providing valuable sales insights and reports to drive new revenues and minimize risks. Operators benefit from having a clear and transparent view of their dealer sales and performance while ensuring a trusted relationship with dealers by giving them up-to-the-minute information on their performance, remuneration, sales numbers, and commissions.

Smart Dealer allows mobile operators to communicate and guide dealers towards using the latest promotions in seconds, enabling them to respond instantly to competitor promotions. Dealers can engage with subscribers during the activation or registration process with new promotions in real-time and trial new offers through split-testing to determine the best fit for the location, time, or device.

The Smart Dealer platform offers a range of features, including:

  • Dealer Registration: It offers a graphical workflow engine that enables users to create or modify the onboarding process for a dealer and expand the dealer channel to support other remote locations and the ability to suspend or reinstate a dealer.
  • Dealer Administration and Hierarchy: Support for multi-hierarchical levels, permissions at individual or group levels based upon region or dealer category, and automatic allowance/prevention of a dealer from selling, registering, or activating certain products or services.
  • Dealer Location and Tracking: The ability to configure locations, map dealers to sites, and deploy channels in areas where special events occur.
  • Dealer Performance and KPI: KPI target setting, tracking progress, automated dealer commission calculation, and different commission percentages associated per dealer hierarchy and product.
  • Real-time SIM activation and recharge: Support multiple SIM activation use cases, including new activation, SIM replacement, prepaid to postpaid migration, consumer eSIM activation, and MNP.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Subscriber Registration: Capture and register subscriber information, capture fingerprint and signature, and provide a PDF copy of the contract or signed registration document.
  • ID Verification: The ability to detect changes or signs of forgery or tampering in a document, detecting fraud of even a single pixel undetectable by the human eye.
  • Sales Insights and Reporting: Real-time insight into dealer performance, sales statistics by dealer group, location, and products, dealer KPI performance, active dealer view, and stock inventory status.

“Digitalizing and automating the dealer network can significantly benefit sales, improving distribution processes and building a trusted relationship. We’re excited to bring our latest product version of Smart Dealer to the market and believe it will transform how telecom operators manage their dealer network and operations,” said Eric Hatton. “We designed Smart Dealer with dealers’ unique needs in mind, and we are confident that it will help them achieve their business objectives while providing an exceptional customer experience.”

Download the datasheet or watch the product overview video on the Evolving Systems website for more information about Smart Dealer.

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