Evolving Systems Introduces SIMplistix Solution

May 24, 2023, 05:58 GMT

A Digital Automation of SIM Logistics and Distribution

Evolving Systems has launched SIMplistix, a game-changing solution for managing inventory and logistics in the telecommunications industry. SIMplistix is a digital automation solution for SIM logistics and distribution. It provides real-time warehouse inventory management to enable telecom operators to manage their entire physical inventory from stock ordering to acceptance and issuance. The solution offers a comprehensive approach to supply chain management, enabling telecommunications companies to overcome complex logistics issues, manual process errors, high wastage costs, and the challenges brought about by globalization.

The telecom industry has faced difficulties in managing inventories of network infrastructure and consumer goods like SIM cards, mobile devices, and accessories from different countries. Some operators used monolithic ERP warehousing systems, resulting in stock picking errors, inefficient stock storage, and inaccurate reporting.

SIMplistix integrated cutting-edge technology and best practices in supply chain management to offer telecom operators a simplified stock inventory process. SIMplistix can effectively track orders when stock is received and audit for order fulfillment. The platform provides an accurate inventory stock status of SIMs, vouchers, and devices through real-time stock views, delivery, movement, availability, and distribution. It optimizes stock inventory and monitors SLA and KPI thresholds within the inventory and distribution chain to ensure seamless end-to-end process flows. Experience SIMplistix in the cloud, free for seven days, to see how to manage your SIM Logistics and Distribution more efficiently and effectively.

SIMplistix delivers automation, efficiency, and profitability to telecom operators, helping them achieve their digital transformation goals. The solution addresses the challenges of managing complex logistics issues and inaccurate reporting that the telecommunications industry has faced.

For more information on SIMplistix, please visit Evolving Systems’ website at www.evolving.com. 


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