Even though it seems to be a simple operation process, managing phone numbers is a multi-layer business practice governed by regulatory agencies and compliance rules. In general, it’s the government that acts as main regulator who enforces regulations on operator number allocations and on use of phone numbers in order to protect the public.

Telephone numbers or Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network (MSISDN) are core assets for telecom companies, as they provide services to subscribers and encapsulate the subscription lifecycle.

Evolving Systems’ Total Number Management (TNM) is a number management solution developed to support the complex business needs of telecom operators ranging from telephone number inventory management & lifecycle to tracking & facilitating mobile number portability services. TNM enables service providers to optimize number resourcing and to ensure meeting regulatory reporting requirements.  

Such a phone number management solution is more than vital for both customer and telecom provider, as it guarantees along the line a good service to the customer and a smooth business process.

An inaccurate asset management process could lead to the following:

  • Denied new telephone number ranges for assignment, which results in losing new potential customers.
  • Running out of available telephone numbers for assignment to new customers, because of inadequate control and inadequate number utilization forecasting
  • Running out of available associated numbering resources (such as MSISDNs, MINs, SIMs and IMSIs); in case inventory is running low
  • Inability to consistently capture revenue through ‘vanity’ and ‘golden’ numbers sales because these numbers are not reserved and managed
  • Internal systems or processes fail due to poor inventory management, which leads to the inability to support new orders and which effects customer satisfaction
  • Data integrity issues, leading to costly fallout management procedures or resources that become “lost in the system”

Evolving Systems solution is offered as both Software As A Service (SaaS) from the cloud and on-premise deployment. The software includes functionalities required to make number management fully automated, efficient, accurate, and complete. Evolving Systems solution flexibility makes it easy to configure on any environment, enabling, at the same time, a top-notch number management module for various operator types – wireless, wireline, VoIP, cable and others.