Simplifying SIM Activation with Evolving Systems

In a world of digital everything, mobile businesses co-evolve along with data and technologies to better understand, and address customer needs in both the consumer and enterprise markets. 

Telecom operators are increasingly focusing on addressing the requirements of the enterprise segment. Analysis report by Future Market Insights reveals that Telecom Enterprise Services Market is expected to reach US$ 304.0 Bn in 2032 from US$ 202.9 Bn in 2021, expanding at a CAGR of ~3.7%. 

Many operators are looking at diversifying their revenue streams from reliance on consumer segments. Transformational initiatives are undertaken to improve processes and integration by focusing on automation from client engagement to contracting process and delivering the service seamlessly. 

Enterprise SIM Activation is one area where operators struggle to provide a seamless experience and smooth onboarding & activation journey. 

In general, Enterprise SIM activation starts with data processing for sales purposes, continues with SIM ordering and activation to close the circle with SIM delivery and deployment. The post-processes focus on data analysis and business management decisions to address future sales strategies. 

Evolving Systems Solution for Enterprise SIM activation addresses the corporate sector based on certain integration parameter nodes, such as:

Operators to issue BLANK SIM cards to Enterprise Customers

Activation and de-activation management (for employees) customized for each enterprise

MSISDNs pre-allocation to each Enterprise based on range

Tariff plans and packages negotiated for each Enterprise

Support for both pre-paid and post-paid

Web Portal accessibility that allows HR/Admin departments to manage the entire process online

BLANK SIM activation (for employees) with a customized package and service configuration

SIM upgrade facility for change in form factor or from 2G/3G to a 4G SIM

Easy access to Enterprise Apps

Profile details and data reported to further integrate customer satisfaction

Evolving Systems Solution for Enterprise SIM activation offers various key benefits to better answer to current cross-functionality of the mobile world. In a nutshell, Evolving Systems Solution simplifies corporate activation and on-boarding processes, smoothly automates deployment processes, and saves on time/resources. 

In terms of product packages, different corporate or enterprise plans are easily supported such as  Enterprise Liable Plan, Employee Liable Plan and Enterprise Family Plan. Depending on the business needs, these plans can be adjusted and customized to facilitate a faster and more efficient activation.  

Enterprise clients can always benefit from Enterprise solution flexibility (enterprise administrators and operators can make changes and automate them), immediate new subscriptions, mobile service porting and renewals.