Experience the seamless integration of technology and innovation in our (e)SIM Lifecycle Management suite. Learn how our Activation, Digital Engagement, and real-time distribution solutions shape the mobile industry’s future.

In a rapidly digitalizing era where seamless connectivity is the cornerstone, first-use activation, and (e)SIM technology have revolutionized the mobile industry. As mobile operators grapple with the new dynamics of this era, a comprehensive, integrated approach to SIM and (e)SIM management is paramount. Evolving Systems presents a suite of solutions designed to support the entire lifecycle of the SIM and (e)SIM, ingeniously tying together the critical phases of Activation, Engagement, and Distribution.

Engagement & Activation: Streamlined Service Onboarding, Service Personalization, and Seamless Activation.

The journey begins with offering personalization at the point of first-use activation and onboarding. Our Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution elevates the experience of service activation but also provides an avenue for mobile operators to personalize their offerings right from the first use.

With DSA, mobile operators can offer various products across all channels, ushering in an era of unprecedented personalization. Whether you are a new subscriber activating your (e)SIM, an existing user upgrading your SIM, or transferring your mobile number, our DSA solution ensures a tailored experience from the outset.

By fostering more significant engagement with new and existing subscribers alike, DSA aids in reducing turnover and boosts customer loyalty – driving the dual benefits of customer retention and revenue growth.

Our Digital Onboarding solution broadens the reach of operators, offering diverse channels such as web online, mobile applications, kiosks, and even social media platforms. The DSA capability negates the need for pre-pairing, providing on-demand allocation of MSISDNs, thereby simplifying the onboarding process.

Our Tertio Service Activation (TSA)  platform, designed for efficiency and scalability, facilitates the smooth orchestration and provisioning of services across various technology domains from 2/3G, 4G, to 5G networks. The activation process encompasses both upstream and downstream systems and value-added services.

Evolving Systems solution offers complete (e)SIM Orchestration from SIM Profile Ordering, Preparation, Loading, Provisioning, and download profile.

Real-Time Logistics & Distribution Management: Efficient Resource Management and Distribution is the key to ensuring the right resources are available and allocated at the right time for SIM and (e)SIM ordering, provisioning, service activation, and distribution. Evolving Systems enhances this phase by ensuring efficient resource management with real-time visibility of all logical resources. The Total Number Management (TNM)  system, a scalable, fully automated tool, streamlines the management of logical resources such as telephone numbers and associated resources. like IMSI, ICCID, MSISDN, and IMEI.

SIMPlistix, helps operators overcome typical logistics challenges by automating SIM logistics and distribution. This is done by having a real-time view and accurate management of SIM stock inventory movement from SIM manufacturing to warehouse and distribution channels. Operators can efficiently monitor SIM distribution and stock assignment to distributor locations.

Digitalize Sales Channels: Redefining Operator – Dealer – Customer sales engagement by digitalizing, automating, and making the end-to-end process paperless. Smart Dealer provides a seamless KYC process, which includes fingerprint, photo recognition, and biometric ID, ensuring stringent security checks. Digitalized dealer solutions simplify selling all products and services, accelerating revenues.

Comprehensive Problem-solving Capabilities 

Evolving Systems’ portfolio of solutions addresses a broad spectrum of challenges that Telecom operators, IoT service providers, ISPs, and OEMs face. Be it logistics tracking, managing dormant subscribers, or combating SIM swap fraud, we have a solution tailored to meet these unique needs.

Accelerating Digitalization and Resource Optimization 

As the digital wave sweeps across industries, we help operators keep abreast by automating subscriber onboarding and enabling digital sales and KYC procedures. By bootstrapping and orchestrating subscription management, we facilitate (e)SIM enablement, leading to significant resource savings in logistics and network licensing.

Powering Rapid Service Development and Deployment 

In an industry where speed is vital, our solutions empower operators to self-manage service provisioning and enable rapid service creation. This agility also extends to the IoT realm, with solutions focused on connectivity and resource management.

Concluding Thoughts 

Evolving Systems offers an all-encompassing (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite, driving revenue growth and enabling substantial cost savings. Our integrated suite helps mobile operators streamline network optimization and (e)SIM logistics processes while driving Net New Sales through digitized opportunities and subscriber interactions.

Complemented by our Consultancy, Technical Support, and Managed Services offerings, we stand committed to helping mobile operators worldwide embrace the future of comprehensive (e)SIM lifecycle management, from service activation to resource allocation and management, SIM distribution, and digital sales channels.

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