2023 is here, and as we enter an exciting new year, Evolving Systems is delighted to introduce a freshly released new version of Evolution that promises to make it easier for users to configure and run even more advanced customer engagement initiatives to increase adoption, prevent churn and grow revenues from innovative use cases.

Evolution optimizes your technology investment by providing a whole host of  Marketing Automation and Gamification features packed into a single, multi-functional platform. Instead of running and supporting multiple systems in your BSS architecture, each powering different campaigns, promotions and loyalty programs for different product and service lines on different customer data sets and in different channels; Evolution can integrate all customer knowledge and touchpoints to a single, high-performance, modern, scalable and business-user-friendly solution.

Through the vast experience of our dedicated deployment team and ready to integrate into any Telco network’s BSS environment, the Evolution Platform allows configuration and automation of a wide portfolio of real-time, targeted, personalized and measurable below-the-line campaigns, distribution and redemption authentication of advanced voucher and coupon processes and orchestration the business rules for all forms of gamified and innovative loyalty and rewards programs and customer experiences.

Used by more than 40 telecommunications operators worldwide and powering multiple revenue generation streams as part of a holistic business case that can include incremental revenue generated through upsell/cross sell of your products and services to existing customers in order to grow ARPU as well as new revenue from partner-sponsored offer programs to your customer audience. Bottom line, Evolution 2.2 is designed to increase customer engagement, retention and monetisation, and through the features we’ve added, now users can do even more!

What’s new in Evolution 2.2?

Evolution 2.2 comes with the following new features and functionalities:

Added customer search capabilities (customername, email, subscriber_ID, Account_ID and other parameters) in the Customer Care module

The ability to run simulations and view results of our Machine-Learning based Next Best Offer, Decision and Presentation algorithms

A function to support the automated upload of offer matrices cyclically delivered by 3rd party systems

User configuration of stock-level alerts for individual offers to unique users and custom configuration for recurring or repeating stock-levels to auto top up your vouchers

New dashboards provide new challenges and new missions reporting, along with updated results measurement visualisations

Improved operational dashboards including control of the disk, memory and CPU utilization including automatic and user-driven clean-up tasks

Various security protocols have been integrated to enforce password protection, enable https API certificates and to control secure and accurate voucher code generation. Evolution 2.2 also introduces SAML protocol option for active directory integration

In terms of supported technology, the platform backend has been upgraded to use ES OpenDistro 1.13.3, Redis 7.0.3 and has been subjected to a variety of Architecture performance tuning and optimisation

Evolving Systems proactively manage the roadmap for Evolution to ensure the constant modernization, performance optimization and innovation for user-configurable customer engagement initiatives based on the following industry trends:

Data growth – Tapping into the wealth of data we are ensuring that the platform is ready to manage larger volumes and more types of data to feed the real-time campaign automation and Machine Learning and AI-based algorithms in order to deliver highly personalised marketing actions​

Connected eco-systems – Making it easier for business partners to integrate into the platform via open APIs opening up the win-win business model of providing offers and discounts on partner products within your loyalty strategy

Gamification and innovative mechanics – creating a configurable library of gamification mechanics and the ability to rapidly change and adapt these mechanics to keep engagement fresh​

Cross-channel integration – ensures the platform is able to integrate to modern and effective B2C communication channels as well as social media to build holistic customer journeys across fragmented channels