As we step into the new Era of Sustainability, the markets open up to new practices and strategies to not only raise awareness, but to expand beyond local and global regulations in order to deliver competitive products matching various levels of customer satisfaction.

Sustainable practices in all technology fields created new opportunities, hence new business models. In the last 5 years, these practices brought to the table real business benefits, along with a better understanding of the eco-economic environment.

Telecommunication companies are taking various initiatives to reduce the e-waste and contribute to improve general recycling habits: from used phones recycling dump points to rewards and upgrades. The number of phones on the planet is growing exponentially, five times faster than the number of people. But recycling or using re-furbished telecom devices is not the only way of protecting the environment and reducing global e-waste.

On a global scale, SIM cards shipment reached 5 billion only in the last year. The SIM card demand is continually increasing, as the demand for cell phones and smart devices incessantly expands. The IoT or M2M usage skyrockets, due to actual network infrastructure broadening. SIM cards manufacturing and distribution use a big part of network resources (such as IMSI, Mobile Numbers, network capacity) & physical materials, such as SIM bed plastic cards, starter pack prints etc. If managed properly, the resources & materials can limit considerably wastage.

Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) is an innovative solution to activate mobile services at the point of first use, therefore no pre-provisioning is required. In general, typical provisioning consumes expensive network capacity and logical assets, such as mobile numbers (MSISDNs).

DSA allows for a single generic SIM card type to be manufactured and  distributed for any type of mobile services: prepaid, postpaid, data SIMs. This allows operators to streamline SIM distribution to different channels using a single Generic SIM card type and to provision on the network, only if required during the first use rather than weeks or months in advance, as it’s the case with regular pre-provisioning of SIM Cards.

DSA solutions would help Telecom companies optimize their SIM card production & distribution  process, by introducing efficient logistics, significant cost savings and SIM expiry elimination.

With the Dynamic SIM Allocation solution, Evolving Systems proactively helps telecom operators reduce wastage towards a more sustainable environment while increasing profitability through efficient use of network resources and through better customer satisfaction.

DSA Core Technology Platform