Geotargeting with Evolution:

Transforming Marketing Across Various Industries

Today’s digital landscape demands a nuanced approach to marketing, where a customer’s current location plays a pivotal role in their decision-making. Evolution, the latest upgrade to the Evolution Customer Engagement Platform, taps into this need by utilizing real-time location data effectively. This innovation opens up a world of possibilities across different industries. Here’s how businesses can apply this technology in various scenarios for enhanced customer engagement and increased conversions of offers within their Customer Loyalty and Value Management programs:

Telecommunications Offers: Engaging Mobile Users in Real-Time

Sending data bundle offers to users as they enter areas with high data usage or roaming package promotions when they’re close to international borders or airports. This targeted approach boosts the relevance of offers and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Retail Offers: Creating Personalized Shopping Encounters

In a vibrant urban shopping district, as shoppers are near your store, display proximity-ordered offers based on the redemption location along with maps integration for directions to get there. An attractive offer on a product they’ve shown interest in, valid for that day, for example. This geo-fencing capability enables you to present compelling, timely offers, increasing the likelihood of in-store traffic and sales for your products and services and merchant partners involved in your rewards programs.

Hospitality Offers: Offering Tailored Guest Experiences

Location pins can transform customer experiences in the hospitality industry. For instance, customers can visit your loyalty program to view partnered restaurants in their area. These location-based offers enhance guests’ experience for your partners and fortify your brand loyalty.

Prioritizing Consent and Data Privacy

Evolution integrates customer consent and privacy management into your marketing practices, ensuring trust and compliance in today’s data-sensitive world.

Travel and Tourism Offers: Delivering Timely, Contextual Services

Leverage real-time location tracking to offer contextual services in the travel sector. Travelers approaching an airport, for example, could receive offers for lounge access or last-minute upgrades with your partnered airline, adding value to their travel experience.

Event Marketing: Driving Real-Time Attendee Engagement

Send targeted messages to attendees at ticketed concerts, festivals, or conferences you sponsor, guiding them to specific activities or locations, increasing engagement, and aligning experiences with your brand.

Elevating Campaigns with Dynamic Offer Positioning

Evolution goes beyond capturing location data; it dynamically positions offers based on customer proximity. The ‘distance from me’ and ‘take me there’ features ensure that promotions are relevant and engaging and drive immediate action.

Stepping into the Future of Marketing

Evolution stands as a secure, innovative solution for the modern marketer. It redefines customer interactions with capabilities ranging from automated roaming package offers to varied mini-game promotions.

Embrace Evolution geotargeting capabilities to craft marketing strategies that resonate with customers, driving your business toward unprecedented growth and success.