In today’s globalized world, where materials for industries like telecommunications come from multiple global sources, supply chain and logistics present critical challenges. 

Telecommunications companies face the complexity of managing inventories of network infrastructure and consumer goods such as SIM cards, mobile devices, and accessories from various countries. To ensure uninterrupted service delivery and maintain competitiveness, telecom operators require an efficient system to forecast demand accurately, track real-time inventory, and manage distribution logistics effectively. 

In the past, some operators used expensive monolithic ERP warehousing systems or relied on manual processes to manage their stock inventory, leading to problems such as stock picking errors, inefficient stock storage, and inaccurate reporting. 

Evolving Systems introduces SIMplistix, a modern real-time warehouse inventory management solution that simplifies the stock inventory process and effectively tracks orders when stock is received and audited for order fulfillment. SIMplistix enables the management of operators’ entire physical inventory (i.e., SIMs, Vouchers, Devices) from stock ordering to acceptance and distribution while providing a real-time view of incoming and outgoing stock orders. 

From initial design to packing and delivery to the mobile market, the SIM lifecycle involves distribution, activation, and management. For mobile operators, SIM is the core element that leads to customer engagement and monetization. SIMplstix would allow operators to automate their warehousing processes through real-life tracking. 

Driven by digitalization and Industry 4.0, where automation drives efficiency and profitability for organizations, telecom operators are accelerating the adoption of digital warehousing and distribution towards a better customer experience for the buying and order fulfillment processes. 

The SIMplistix Platform allows mobile operators to easily overcome complex logistics-related issues, manual process errors, and high wastage costs. SIMplistix ensures seamless end-to-end process flows, higher accuracy, less human error, and quicker response times. 

SIMplistix provides an accurate inventory stock status, including SIMs, vouchers, and devices, by real-time stock views, delivery, movement, availability, and distribution. Mobile operators can efficiently optimize stock inventory and monitor SLA and KPI thresholds within the inventory and distribution process chain through the platform. 

The mobile world needs SIMplistix not only to manage logistics and distribution but also to simplify inventory management and, therefore, to increase customer engagement and revenue.