Gamify Customer Experiences

Gamifying engagement with your products and services

The gamification of the digital customer experience represents an important trend across vertical industries. Not only do companies today need to foster and encourage digital adoption but they also need to engage their customers by creating interactive programmes that deliver value and increase “stickinesss” in order to both gain and retain market share. Gamification can play a major role in reaching these goals.

Gamification is the process of incorporating gameplay elements into non-gaming applications to drive participation, engagement and loyalty. By “gamifying” an otherwise more sterile or standardised experience, customers can be encouraged to interact with the service provider both more often and in a more rewarding (for both customer and service provider) way.

In many market segments, particularly the youth market with its growing numbers and disposable income, gaming is already well established and the elements within games are both familiar and popular.. With this in mind, it makes sense to bring elements of gameplay into traditional Customer Value and Loyalty programmes.

A gamified customer experience requires a next generation customer engagement platform. Evolution from Evolving Systems is a proven market-leading solution that enables MNOs to gamify their Customer Value and Loyalty programs. Evolution enables users to:

  • Set up gamification mechanics like badges, challenges, simple games, mobile vouchers
  • Stream immense volumes of data into the Evolution Core, a real-time, dynamic customer 360° profile
  • Build dimensions and segments in Base Manager
  • Flexibly configure campaigns and Customer Journey Workflows in the drag-and-drop design studio
  • Configure product and offer catalogues, and automate real-time Next Best Offer decisions and presentation strategies
  • Set-up wallets, tokens, statuses and challenges to manage your Loyalty Program’s core business rules
  • View all customer treatments, past and present, in the Customer Care screen
  • Visualise and search your data with live Insight & Analytics dashboards
  • Integrate with a variety of 3rd party platforms in order to push outbound communications through a managed Contact Policy, provision to customer accounts and answer requests over the Evolution RESTful API
  • Develop and extend the platform to an ecosystem of 3rd party partners to enable reward issuance


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