The Next-Generation Customer Engagement Suite

Evolution: Empowering Marketers & CVM Practitioners to impress, excite and animate customers


Evolution: Empowering Marketers & CVM Practitioners to impress, excite and animate customers  

Evolution is our powerful Customer Engagement software platform. Built using the latest technologies, Evolution has been designed specifically to capture your customer data from multiple sources, build a 360° profile of your customers and integrate with your communication and provisioning channels, providing your Marketing, Retention and CVM teams with an intuitive user interface in order to manage: 

  • Real-time, Context-driven decisioning using Machine Learning Algorithms for Digital Next Best Offer Presentation Strategies

  • Advanced customer journeys for best-practice Customer Value Management use cases and measurement

  • Gamified Loyalty Rewards and Engagement Programs that combine your products and services with an ecosystem of partner products to surprise, delight and incentivize tenure, NPS and engagement with your brand.

Evolution can be implemented locally in your data-centre, or hosted as a managed service from our Secure, Private cloud and used by your teams or by Evolving’s Marketing Services teams to start generating incremental revenue, reducing churn rates and increasing your NPS scores.


  • A powerful engine for the ingestion and storage management of Customer Data from across multiple sources. Data can be streamed in real-time with highly performant trigger generation for real-time actions, or can be loaded from extracted files. Evolving has significant experience in this area and is able to parse, validate and structure data in accordance with the nature of your business.

  • A Product and Supplier (Partner & Merchant) Catalogue, to flexibly onboard new Partners & Merchants, create a stock of their products and define how the products are fulfilled when used as a reward.  

  • Configuration of a portfolio of Offers and Selection strategies that are linked relate to one or more Products with multiple options for price currencies.

  • Creation of multi-step workflows that orchestrate Campaign business rules considering each customer, individually, in real-time and turning data into actions, fulfilling bonuses through the product catalogue and orchestrating customer dialogue through integration with a variety of communication channels.

  • The settings and ability to define and version control multiple concurrent Loyalty Rewards Programs with rules for loyalty account management, tier management, eligibility and support for visual gamification through challenges, badges and leader boards.

  • The visual creation of customer Journeys that marry together your programs, campaigns and offers into a variety of business processes such as when and how a customer enters a campaign, registers for a Program, or moves through a variety of outbound or inbound campaigns with automated decisioning along a multi-step path initiated by behavioral triggers.

  • The Measurement and reporting of all that you build at all levels, through a comprehensive set of standard and customized reports based on CVM best-practice measurement principles.


  • A new, modern GUI accessible from any web browser with translatable labels, full user access management and enriched with its drag-and-drop workflow designer.

  • A highly performant, scalable and robust architecture, with high-availability included by default.

  • Ready to ingest and use a lower level of events (DPI, Location/VLR, PCRF).

  • Agnostic to integrate with YOUR data in real-time, whether it’s for Prepaid &/or Post-paid Mobile services, Fixed-line services, Broadband, TV or other Value Added Services.

  • Inbound & outbound customer engagement in a single platform that orchestrates personalized journeys across multiple campaigns and offers.

  • A powerful marketing catalogue to create products based on your own services as well as third party products, and to build various packaged offers with various prices.

  • Enables gamified loyalty program mechanics beyond points earn & burn.

  • Flexible dashboards and reporting providing advanced customer insight and best-practice program measurement against your KPIs

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