Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Evolving Systems' Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite enable mobile operators to:

Streamline the SIM ordering process:

  • Plan and maintain resources including MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID, IP Addresses, SIM Profiles and IMEIs.
  • Streamline the use of resources through dynamic SIM and efficient management thereof.
  • Produce accurate resource reports for regulators, ensuring utilization compliance.
  • Manage the distribution and logistics of SIMs and SIM profiles (eSIMs).


Drive the sale of SIMs through unique methods:

  • ​Increase supply in the channel at a reduced cost and ultimately increase revenue.
  • Engage in new upgrade tactics to drive 4G adoption (self-service SIM swap).
  • Untether Sales personnel from the shop and enable them to be truly mobile, supported by sales management tools and incentives for indirect channels.
  • Activate new services in real-time by assigning MSISDNs and other resources at the time of first use, ultimately saving costs. This includes the use of a universal blank SIM, removing the restriction of the SIM type to the plastic.
  • Provide new initiatives to encourage SIM reactivation and secure SIM swap methods.
  • Activation of eSIMs with our SM-DP ecosystem along with management of traditional SIMs with our OTA and DMC systems.

All of the services and solutions we offer are applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT) and eSIM paradigms, with the capability to run within the cloud, providing secure and scalable environments.

We have just seen two consecutive days of 99%+ performance, pretty impressive based on the volume of 300k+. A massive thank you to all involved – you all have a part to play in the success of this service. -EE UK, November 2016

Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Evolving's new digitalized, cost-effective approach to complete SIM lifecycle management, from Ordering through to Activation, Provisioning, Sales and beyond

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