Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Smart Dealer: The complete mPOS solution for real-time activation, provisioning and sales insights

Smart Dealer is a complete front-end application for Dealer Management covering Provisioning, Loyalty and Analytics.

Stringent worldwide regulations around the digital Know Your Customer (KYC) process are forcing operators to give this area of SIM distribution significant attention. However, KYC, with its focus on capturing subscriber details, addresses and other contact information is a very limited slice of an operator’s expectations from dealers today.

Available as an Android mobile application, the Evolving Systems Smart Dealer provides dealers with a modularized tool set that enables them to offer a truly unique subscriber experience.

Smart Dealer enables the operator/dealer to:

  • Engage with the subscriber during activation or top-up with new promotions, in real-time. With Smart Dealer, the operator is able to communicate and guide dealers towards using the latest promotions in real-time, enabling instant reactions to competitor activities.
  • Trial new offers through split-testing to determine the best offers to use, varying offers by region, time, day or device.
  • Capture subscriber details for KYC prepaid registration using standard, low cost devices. Photograph the ID (using the mobile device), enter additional contact details and accept a signature all via the mobile app. Link to the SIM activation and reduce dealer equipment and paperwork required for the KYC process.
  • Build trust with dealers, by providing them with up to the minute information on their performance and remuneration. Enable the dealer to view their sales numbers and, most importantly, their commissions.
  • Reduce the costs of mistrust and avoid repeated dealer calls to headquarters checking that sales are registered and their commission is recognized.
  • Enhance and simplify the function of the sales manager through the provision of team reports, analytics and visibility of dealer performance by team or by the individual.
  • Free the dealer from the shop or counter, providing them the ability to activate, top-up and SIM swap subscribers wherever they are located.
  • Provide support to the dealer community with support ticket and resolution updates, saving the costs of repeated issues and improving the efficiency of sales.

Today, we have reached a great achievement for important milestone for Smart Dealer Application, the team onsite and offsite have worked hard for the last three months, I would like to take the chance to thank everyone has worked or supported for the great work and efforts. -Zain KSA

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