A High Performance Voucher Generation Solution

Streamlining and Securing Voucher Management

Voucher Order Management System 

A powerful, high-performance voucher generation system, provding the ability to create large amounts of vouchers in a very short period of time!

During voucher generation, a random function allocates a secret number to each voucher serial number. The list of vouchers is then encrypted in a file to be sent to the card producer (in the case of physical vouchers), or directly to the distributor (for electronic vouchers). The secret number is also encrypted using a one-way algorithm before it is stored in the database. This ensures the highest level of security with regards to secret numbers, as they cannot be retrieved by anyone.

Other than monetary values, vouchers can be attached to products, services, content or a combination as defined in a catalog.

VOMS also provides the functionality to receive updates on the distribution status to manage the lifecycle of vouchers. Logistical support is provided to track the status of any voucher from the day it is generated, returned to the warehouse, distributed, activated and used.

Once vouchers are activated, they are ready to be used by subscribers. VOMS provides user interface modules for modern and traditional reload channels including USSD, SMSC, STK, Mobile Apps, Web and IVR requests. The subscriber is notified immediately of the validation result and the reload is delivered to the billing system. The reload delivery is guaranteed, meaning that the system can infinitely retry until a positive response is received. Once the account is reloaded, it is assumed that the billing system itself will inform the user. The validation process also provides a configurable fraud prevention mechanism, where failed validation reasons can be treated as a fraud case. Users trying random secret numbers are quickly identified and blocked from reloading. 

VOMS supports an open Web Services API that allows all modern and traditional reload channels including USSD gateways, SMSC (SMPP protocol), STK, Mobile Apps, Web and IVR integration. 


Safeguarding Against Fraud

VOMS provides fraud checking, fraud detection and fraud logging functionality. Each validation goes through the fraud check process. The Fraud detection is only applied to negative validation results.

The fraud functionality associates a fraud status to each MSISDN. Each time a validation is processed, its fraud status is checked. If the MSISDN is in fraud state, the validation fails independently of the voucher validation result.

If the voucher validation fails, the fraud detection is triggered and a special algorithm is processed, that can change the fraud status of an MSISDN. It is possible to configure which subset of negative validation results trigger fraud check. If a validation result matches one of the values of that subset, the top up request is considered to be fraudulent. The related MSISDN and voucher number are recorded in a database table.

This feature also supports using the same type of vouchers to top-up prepaid accounts or pay down post-paid bills.


A Credit Transfer Platform

VOMS Credit Transfer Platform (CTP) is used to support electronic top up and credit transfer services without any voucher or PIN. 

VOMS CTP Module for Distribution Transfer Model supports a multilevel credit transfer distribution model providing:


  • Support distribution hierarchy up to 8 levels

  • Manage the account balances for each account

  • Distributor/Dealer Self Service Portal to manage:

 - Distributor and Dealer profiles

 - Monitor accounts and transactions

 - Create, modify and delete organizations

 - Manage transfers to organizations


  • CTP also supports Key Account Distribution allowing Agents to sell the reload with the whole organization treated as a single entity. The Agents are considered as employees to the Distributor

  • Business rules to support:

  1. Mapping of regions based on postcodes

  2. Limit per transaction, per user, per group and number of transactions

  3. Set limitations for account sizing

  4. Set limits for total amount to be transacted within a period of time

  5. Tax calculations

  6. Fraud detection rules

  7. Transaction rules based on hierarchy level of activities

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