Mediation: A critical requirement

The solution is Evident™


Evident™: A single point of change for new business requirements, reducing the time, effort and cost of change.

Today, innovative services and even pandemic-driven behaviours that reflect changing customer demands but require short timeframes-to-market are further complicating the picture. For the Mobile Operator, overcoming “IT anarchy” so that strategic plans can be effectively implemented is vital.

As a result of these conditions, the importance of Mediation has come to the fore.  Mediation generally performs the function of collecting and converting usage data from multiple sources, normalising its format and passing the output on to rating, charging or billing, or other upstream applications, thus bridging different components within the telco BSS.

The technology must offer a wide range of integrations with telco-specific formats and interfaces that shorten integration times. It must deliver near-unlimited scalability, critical given the growing volume of real-time transactions. Transaction security, critical in a network where a small drop in accuracy is devastating for the revenue of the telco, must be assured.

Evident™ is Evolving Systems’ convergent mediation product, proven to support convergent voice, data and content services. It has been developed with Evolving Systems’ long experience with leading operators, and delivers accurate service usage data for business intelligence, revenue assurance and next-generation billing. It also offers full carrier-grade support in terms of reliability, performance and scalability and delivers the benefits of an easily maintained system together with an open architecture and product support.


Proven Mediation for Service Convergence

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With Evident from Evolving Systems, Mobile Operators can:

Create Service Concepts: Evident eliminates the need for purchasing separate systems for different technologies or services as it spans GSM, GPRS, 4G, LTE, 5G, IP, broadband and circuit switch technologies to present to the business systems a common view of service usage.

Design New Billing Modules: Evident supports end-to-end batch and event processing within a single product, providing operators with the complete flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each service and each business system. Evident’s built-in flexibility easily handles any billing model, traditional or innovative.

Implement New Services and Technologies: Evident provides a single point of change for new business requirements, reducing the time, effort and cost of change. Its modular architecture reduces the cost and impact of integrating with a new network or business system by reusing existing support for a given protocol or data format. Its open architecture allows rapid incorporation of many technologies including (S)FTP, HTTP(S), LDAP, SQL, Kafka and data formats including ASN.1, ASCII, TAP3 / RAP, XML and proprietary binary encoding.

Reduce Operational Complexity: Evident provides a single platform and straightforward basis for full audit reporting, errored data management and data archiving are built-in to help operators identify and retrieve missing revenues. Taking information directly from the network, Evident correlates, formats and delivers accurate statistics on customer service usage. All data has its own audit trail and Evident’s integral reporting tool provides a range of reports.

Improve Business Intelligence: Evident provides high quality information for better decision making. It takes information directly from the network and provides each business system with precisely the data it requires, when it needs it.

Evident gives telecoms operators a major improvement in service lifecycle efficiency, meeting the challenges of each stage for both established and new services. Innovative services, charging and partner integration concepts, and simplified solution design around a consolidated mediation platform can be realised. Open integration and rule implementation with change management support for rapid deployment are provided, achieving a single, complete operations and administration interface for distributed mediation as well as support for end-to-end revenue assurance and continuously updated business intelligence.