Network Steering, the simple and effective mobile network switching solution

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Network Steering: The simple and effective mobile network switching solution

Intense competition in the mobile market has for many operators has led to the erosion of margins and revenue. In response, MVNOs are challenged to identify ways of improving margins while simultaneously creating new services that differentiate themselves from their competitors.

For many MVNOs, a significant proportion of their operating costs sits with the network, typically as much as 80%. Implementing more efficient ways of lowering those costs by switching to a different network when appropriate allows MVNOs to achieve better margins.

Evolving Systems’ netSteer solution (network steering) delivers the ability to switch host network seamlessly based on location, manage complex rate plans, and to provide a better quality of service. This ultimately enables MVNOs to:

  • Gain the ability to switch MNOs, enabling negotiation of better deals with MNO partners
  • Provide better Quality of Service (QoS) based services (e.g. coverage or signal strength) for subscribers
  • Manage traffic thresholds based on the agreements with host networks

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The netSteer solution enables MVNOs (or Domestic Roaming MNOs) to define network switch policies or preferred roaming partners for their subscribers and provides network steering/switch management capabilities to optimize network agreements with host networks.

Our solution also provides configurable business logic combined with machine-learning algorithms that automatically evaluate and make decisions, such as Quality of Service (QoS), threshold, price and capacity.

As a modularized solution  


Distribute  SIMs ’en masse’ without  incurring the cost of networkand enable remote activation of SIMs



Configurable & Fully Automated


The system will manage the configured criteria & business rules automatically

A solution for any circumstance


The solution can operate with a thick or thin M(V)NO network, providing fine levels of dynamic control.

network steering

Low Investment and Low Risk  


Evolving Systems can provide the solution as a hosted SaaS model




netSteer - A simple yet effective mobile network switching solution. 



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