Digital Next Best Offer

Contextually decide and present the optimal offers to your customers when they engage on your channels

The world today is driven by consumer choice and self-research-based purchasing decisions. We shop online, we watch TV on demand and, when we want advice, we turn to Google. Digital channels such as mobile apps and self-care sites have therefore become increasingly important to a Customer Value Management or Loyalty Strategy for today’s Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

These are not channels for the traditional push/outbound marketing systems. The trigger for the decision to present an offer to your customer needs to be at the moment the customer initiates the engagement on the channel and you need to be ready to give the customer the right options in context with their current status. 

Our powerful Evolution Platform has been built using the latest big data technologies in order to have the ability to stream data from previously not feasible data sources for traditional Campaign Management systems such as Deep Packet Inspection (data usage by content) and the VLR (Location). We’re able to integrate within your environment to combine this information with our 360° Customer Profile for real-time, advanced context-decisioning that lets you pick out the best offers for the customer who has engaged on the channel using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.

With Evolution, the decision is made in real-time at the moment the customer enters the channel. If the same customer looks at the menu again later in the day when their context has changed, they’ll see different offers. Evolution scores, ranks and filters all offers that the customer is eligible for in real-time, using decisioning influencers to pick out the optimal offers:

You can set up multiple Presentation Strategies in order to present offers to your customers, and we can integrate multiple Digital (App, Website), Text (USSD, SMS, Chatbots) and Audible (IVR, Home Assistants) channels to the same presentation strategies for a consistent Omni-channel customer experience.

Examples of Presentation Strategies are: 

  • Build a “Just-for-You” menu that provides your customers with personalized subscription bundle options, where the right volume, price and validity for data, voice, SMS and included content is picked out in order to maintain or increase profitability from that customer.
  • Set-up your Next Best Action offers specifically for a call-centre retention strategy.
  • Use Next Best Offer decisioning in your Loyalty Program to contextually decide the right redeemable items from a points program or prize options upon awarding of a badge or in a Recharge & Win program.
  • Intercept and present a prepaid customer with varying incentive options for larger recharge volumes as part of the standard purchasing flow.
  • Select the Next Best Offer to send on an outbound trigger as part of a Customer Journey in a Customer Value Management strategy.