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Customer Loyalty Management for Telecommunications Solutions

At Evolving Systems, our powerful combination of people, process and platform enables CSPs to engage, connect and build closer relationships with customers on an emotional level. We work with CSPs to design, implement and run advanced customer loyalty and rewards programs that drive a multitude of key performance indicators:

Customer Loyalty

In today’s highly competitive markets, telecommunications operators can no longer differentiate effectively using product and price strategies alone. Consumers crave personalization, relevance and demonstrable value for money in return for their continued choice to subscribe to a particular CSP network.

It is now easier than ever before to switch from one operator to another. Regulators have ensured that consumers are empowered to port in and out almost seamlessly, and consumers are being targeted and influenced through increasingly effective digital marketing to choose from a variety of options; from incumbents to new start-up telecommunications companies to content service providers. CSPs need to place greater emphasis on creating and managing the experiences of acquired customers, ensuring they are not susceptible to change and have more reasons to remain loyal.

“CSPs need to re-evaluate their customer engagement strategy to personalize customer experience and meet the evolving needs of their customer base.”

Omdia - Essentials for Improving CSP Customer Engagement

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A Range of Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagements Program Types

A modern Customer Loyalty & Engagement Program comprises a variety of gamification mechanics. At Evolving Systems, we help you to create the most appropriate program foundation for your business based on your market, your products & services offerings and your business KPI priorities.

Multiple mechanics can be combined, building layers into your program to ensure high engagement rates, NPS scores and consumer satisfaction

Badge Collection Challenges
A visual cabinet of aspirational milestones, achievement of which can unlock reward options
Points Earn-& Burn
A Points wallet whereby customers earn points for a variety of activities; points can then be redeemed for rewards
A 3rd Party Brand Offers Ecosystem
A categorized portofolio of discounts and offers from partner brands, collected and enjoyed through digital voucher and coupon management
Surprise & Delight
Provide eligible customers with new perks and prizes relevant to their interests at impactful moments
Gamified Transact & Win
Games of skill, chance or knowledge that, when played and completed, lead to prizes and benefits
Tier & Status-based Achievement
Levels of privilege earned over time, spend or engagement that unlocks higher value and more exclusive perks and benefits

These program mechanics (and more) can all be configured within the advanced functionality offered by the Evolution Platform, which includes:

  • Automated Customer Data Management and Enrichment from program engagement and derived customer preferences – build your program rules using insight-based decisioning and capture customer permissions to use such data in marketing activities
  • Full Customer Loyalty Account and Wallet Management to manage the lifecycle rules of your programs from rewards earning events through to rewards collection and provisioning
  • Trigger-based & Personalized Customer Notifications to keep your customers informed of their status and to drive engagement
  • Digital Voucher and Coupon Management to generate, distribute and authenticate codes in a variety of formats for a flexible combination of your own - and partners' - products and services
  • Rewards Portfolio Catalog Management to set eligibility, prices and manage stock of the prize pool
  • Best Offer Decisioning Algorithms using relevance, location, propensity and value-based models to personalize each individual customer’s experience in the program


Loyalty and Rewards programs do not always need to be viewed simply as loss leaders to prevent churn. We can help you to design and implement the right program concept for your business, based around a variety of business models, that ensure a rapid return on investment by generating tangible revenue.

Your primary goal may be, for example, to build a program that drives higher spend and tenure on your own core and value added services; or, alternatively, it may be to stimulate digital brand engagement and downloads of your self-care app; in either of these cases and more, Evolving Systems can help you achieve this in a profitable manner by efficiently sourcing and allocating the costs of the prize catalog in an optimized manner.

Conversely, if your requirement is to open up new revenue streams, we will help you to put in place the necessary data, processes and partnerships to enable monetization of customer engagement in the program via business models such as subscription, paid advertising or coalition funded business models.

Coalition Loyalty Programs Monetized Partner Advertising White-label 'Promotions as a service' (PaaS)


Evolving Systems has designed, implemented and continues to run some of the telecommunications industry’s most iconic and successful loyalty and engagement programs. Our proposition is such that we can work with you in a variety of ways from technology provider through to fully hosted and outsourced managed services models to help ensure your program achieves its KPI goals. Options include:

  • A private cloud-hosted implementation or locally installed on-premise instance of the Evolution Platform to integrate with your environment and orchestrate your program rules
  • Platform right-to-use license purchase or managed services contracts
  • Full or part-time industry expert resourcing in strategy & design, data science and/or operational configuration
  • Web and mobile app end-customer experience design and build; or, alternatively, support to integrate your existing self-care apps to the Evolution Platform
  • Brand partner offer & advertisement sourcing and management options with global & local, digital & traditional brands to populate your program with exclusive rewards and experiences for your customers

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